Sabedoria islâmica: «a face duma mulher é como a sua vagina»

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This from famous Egyptian preacher, Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini--who earlier said that Islam teaches Muslims to plunder, rape, and enslave infidels. A leader of Egypt's Salafi movement, which came in second only to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt's recent elections, Huwaini's comments are a reminder of what's in store for the nation.

"Face of a woman like her vagina," from Elaph, December 13:

Famous Salafi preacher Sheikh Abu Ishaq al-Huwainia likened the face of a woman to her vagina during a talk in front of a group of people on the necessity for women to wear the niqab [veil]. The sheikh's words provoked anger among women and Muslims in Egypt, even as his supporters defended him...

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