De questione Dei

A todos os nossos lectores (a um especialmente) que não acreditam em Deus:

«Ricardo Araújo Pereira e a questão de Deus
Intervenção de Ricardo Araújo Pereira na mesa-redonda «Deus: questão para Crentes e não-Crentes, organizada pela comunidade da Capela do Rato (Lisboa).

Ricardo Araújo Pereira e a questão de Deus (1) from Pastoral da Cultura on Vimeo.

1.ª parte: "Para nós, ateus, a morte é um sono sem sonhos e nós continuamos com um mau perder em relação a isso. Não é fácil. E por isso, onde é que eu vou buscar conforto? À Bíblia (não sei se já ouviram falar). Especialmente a um dos meu livros favoritos, que é o do Eclesiastes."

Ricardo Araújo Pereira e a questão de Deus (2) from Pastoral da Cultura on Vimeo.

2.ª parte: "[No livro do Eclesiastes] o tempo e o acaso acontecem a todos por igual. Era uma óptima pessoa – morreu. Era uma péssima pessoa – morreu também. (...) Eu juntei uma enorme fortuna – morri. Eu adquiri imenso conhecimento – morri a seguir. Eu fui muito bom para o meu semelhante – morri. Fui péssimo para o meu semelhante – morri também.” (...) “O trabalho de humorista é fazer as pessoas rirem-se do facto de, por mais maquilhagem que ponham na cara, é àquele estado que vão chegar.”

Ricardo Araújo Pereira e a questão de Deus (3) from Pastoral da Cultura on Vimeo.

3.ª parte e última parte: "O momento em que se perde o filho é o único, acho eu, do qual o riso está completamente ausente. Penso muitas vezes na questão de fazer rir as pessoas que perdem um filho."»

Alguém a Quem rogar?


«O que têm em comum estas pessoas?»

Via Jihad Watch.

Estudantes muçulmanos de escola católica do Malawi profanam Bíblias

Amplify’d from www.catholicculture.org
Muslim students attending a Catholic primary school in Malawi tore up New Testaments that were being distributed by the Gideons International organization, which promotes the distribution of Bibles.
“Although the school’s director had made it absolutely clear that no New Testaments were to be given to the Muslim pupils and that in no way was any student obliged to take a copy of the book, there was a subsequent uproar on the part of some Muslim youths, who tore up the New Testaments, threw them, howling at their teachers, and then threw the torn-up pages out onto the streets,” Aid to the Church in Need reported.
“The behavior of the youths has been an indicator of a danger in our midst,” said Father Medrick Chimbwanya, the parish priest. “Normally, the primary school youth in Malawi would not have the courage to tear up any book in the presence of their teacher, let alone a holy book. My conclusion is that there must be some awful training given to these youths which if left unchecked, means that we may have dangerous militants in Malawi in the near future.”
28% of Malawi’s 13.2 million residents are Catholic, according to Vatican statistics; 52% are Protestant, and 13% are Muslim.
Source(s): these links will take you to other sites, in a new window.
Read more at www.catholicculture.org

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EDL promete pressão se municípios omitirem menções ao Natal

The EDL anti-Islamic extremism activists have vowed to “close down” any town that ditches British traditions and shows favoritism to Muslims. And they don’t give a damn if you call them ‘racists.’
UK DAILY STAR The English Defence League said it has written to every council in the country threatening a mass invasion if they ban the word “Christmas.” It includes using the term “winter festival” in case Christmas upsets Muslims.
EDL leader Stephen Lennon said “working class people” in the UK were “at boiling point” over what he says is the “Islamisation of Britain.”
His declaration comes after yesterday’s Daily Star poll found 98% of readers fear that Britain is becoming a Muslim state.
He said: “If the politicians aren’t going to stick up for us, we will make them, because we will cause so much fuss and so much noise they are going to have to listen.
“We will not back down or be beaten into submission. We don’t care if you call us racists. We are coming anyway. We are going to continue doing it until someone listens.”
The EDL was set up last year after Islamic extremists hijacked a homecoming parade for British troops in Luton, Beds.
On Sunday more than 250 EDL members joined US activist Rabbi Nachum Shifren at an anti-Palestine demo outside the Israeli Embassy in London.Read more at barenakedislam.wordpress.com
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Jihad camuflada ou subreptícia

A doutrina islâmica da jihad propõe ao crente muçulmano, ou melhor, ao soldado da umá, vários modos de avançar na imposição da sharia: a jihad fi sabil illah (jihad pela causa de Alá). Para além da jihad bis saif (jihad pela espada), ou qital fi sabilillah (luta armada pela causa de Alá), a doutrina islâmica prevê a jihad contra os descrentes e os hipócritas, movida pela língua, pela mão, pelo coração e pela riqueza.

O artigo infra do Citizen Warriot trata deste asunto:
Amplify’d from www.citizenwarrior.com
THOSE WHO are working to advance the subjugation of non-Muslims are not doing it solely by violent means. The common distinction between "radical" and "moderate" Muslims has generally been made between those who are engaged in blowing things up or are plotting to do so, and those who are not. However, the evidence presented in this book shows that the distinction ought to be placed elsewhere: between those Muslims who believe that Islamic law is the perfect system for human society and who are working by whatever means to impose that Islamic law, and those Muslims who support Western pluralistic governments and seek to live with non-Muslims as equals, under secular rule, on an indefinite basis.
Those who are working to advance the hegemony of Islamic law do so in innumerable ways, including by introducing it, bit by bit, into American society and demanding that Americans accommodate it; by shouting down any and all who dare to discuss the supremacist impulse within traditional and mainstream Islam; and by engaging in efforts to transform and control Western economies...
The stealth jihadists have already made significant inroads into American life. They are well-funded, well-organized, and persistent. They will not be pacified by negotiations, compromises, or concessions; they cannot be bought off. And every day, they are advancing their agenda — while most Americans don't even know they exist.
- The above is an excerpt from the excellent book, Stealth Jihad, by Robert Spencer.
See more at www.citizenwarrior.com

O radicalismo islâmico não é uma corrente minoritária

Lede tudo:
WHEN WE discover some basic facts about Islam, our first impulse is to think, "But surely it's only a small minority of extremists!" If you've looked into it, and especially if you've read the Quran, you realize the "extremists" are following standard, mainstream Islamic doctrine. That's a real shock when this first dawns on you.
One day when I was reading yet another popular Muslim leader giving a speech and saying something that would be considered "inflammatory rhetoric" if I said it, but that was nothing more than just plain, ordinary Islamic teachings, I thought I should start collecting a list. Here's what I have so far (below). I'm sure I'll add to it as I go along, and I hope you to add to it in the comments.
I thought you could send this list of quotes to those people who tell you "the terrible stuff you say about Islam" only applies to a fringe group of nutcases who have hijacked Islam and twisted and distorted peaceful Islamic teachings into something bad. You could quote chapter and verse from Islamic source books until you're blue in the face without making a dent because they'll think hardly any Muslims nowadays believe in that stuff.
This list should disabuse anyone of the notion that the incessant intolerance, hatred, and even violence against non-Muslims is "fringe." This is not just a small group of "radicals." This is Islam, plain and simple. The leaders quoted below are hugely popular, even famous mainstream leaders in the Islamic world. For each quote, I've provided an online source. Let's begin:
Ali Gomaa, the grand mufti of Egypt, the highest Muslim religious authority in the world, supports murdering non-Muslims. In the daily Al Ahram (April 7, 2008), he said, “Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are unless they convert to Islam.” He also compares non-Muslims to apes and pigs. Source
Muhammad Sayyid Al Tantawi, president of Al Azhar University (the most prominent and authoritative institute of Islamic jurisprudence in the world) also approves of killing and maiming Christians, Jews, and other infidels. He added, “This is not my personal view. This what the Shari’a Law says, the law of Allah, the only valid law on the earth.” Source

Syed Abul Ala Maududi, founder of the Pakistani political party Jamaat-e-Islami, said non-Muslims have "absolutely no right to seize the reins of power in any part of God's earth nor to direct the collective affairs of human beings according to their own misconceived doctrines." If they do, "the believers would be under an obligation to do their utmost to dislodge them from political power and to make them live in subservience to the Islamic way of life." Source
The Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid teaches that "at first fighting was forbidden, then it was permitted, and after that it was made obligatory." He clearly identifies two groups Muslims are obligated to fight: "(1) they who start fighting against Muslims, and (2) they who worship gods other than Allah." Source
The most prominent Muslim scholar of the 20th century, Sheikh Abu Ala Maududi, stated in his book, Islamic Law and Constitution, on p. 262, that the Islamic State “seeks to mould every aspect of life and activity. In such a state no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private. Considered from this aspect the Islamic State bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states.” Maududi added “Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam.” Source
Read more at www.citizenwarrior.com

«Três coisas sobre o islão»: video

Amplify’d from www.citizenwarrior.com
Do you know anyone who speaks Spanish? The White Roses' video, Three Things About Islam, has been translated into Spanish: 
3 cosas del islam que no sabías:

For a detailed list of links and references to support the statements in this video, read an article by Islam Exposed: 3 Things You Should Know About Islam.

Three Things About Islam is now available in German: Drei Dinge über den Islam.
Read more at www.citizenwarrior.com

Artigos históricos sobre a Batalha de Lepanto

... e outros temas da relação entre o islão e o civilização cristã.
Turchi ed Europa: Battaglia di Lepanto 1571
Il Senato veneto: "Non virtus, non arma, non duces, sed Maria Rosarii victores nos fecit" ("Non il valore, non le armi, non i condottieri, ma la Madonna del Rosario ci ha fatto vincitori").

Turks and Europe: The Battle of Lepanto 1571

The Venetian Senate: "It was neither the generals nor battalions nor arms that brought us victory; but it was Our Lady of the Rosary."
Documento inserimento livello
VEDI 01. Pio V, campione della cristianità contro l'Islam - Ludwig von PASTOR

21/07/2007   *   
VEDI 02. Misure difensive contro l'Islam - Ludwig von PASTOR

21/07/2007   *   
VEDI 03. Il sultano Selim II e la conquista di Cipro - Ludwig von PASTOR

21/07/2007   **   
VEDI 04. Pio V e la estenuante trattativa per la costituzione della Lega - Ludwig von PASTOR

21/07/2007   ***   
VEDI 05. Marcantonio Colonna generalissimo della flotta pontificia - Ludwig von PASTOR

21/07/2007   *   
VEDI 06. Le lunghe trattative per costituire la Lega - Ludwig von PASTOR

21/07/2007   ***   
VEDI 07. Mentre Spagna e Venezia litigano, a Cipro si muore - Ludwig von PASTOR

21/07/2007   ***   
VEDI 08. Interminabili difficoltà, infine la santa Lega: 27 maggio 1571 - Ludwig von PASTOR

21/07/2007   ***   
VEDI 09. Inizia la preparazione, proseguono le incomprensioni - Ludwig von PASTOR

21/07/2007   **   
VEDI 10. La vittoria navale di Lepanto - Ludwig von PASTOR

21/07/2007   **   
VEDI 11. San Pio V contro i Turchi - Ludwig von PASTOR

22/07/2007   *   
VEDI 12. Giubilo a Roma - Ludwig von PASTOR

22/07/2007   **   
VEDI 13. San Pio V incita alla Crociata - Ludwig von PASTOR

22/07/2007   **   
VEDI 14. Portata e significato della vittoria - Ludwig von PASTOR

22/07/2007   *   
VEDI 15. La vittoria di Lepanto nelle lettere e nell'arte - Ludwig von PASTOR

22/07/2007   **   
VEDI 7 ottobre 1571. La vittoria di Lepanto, una data per l'Occidente libero - Rodolfo RIDOLFI

28/07/2007   *   
VEDI Anche la Chiesa festeggia le vittorie sull'Islam - Paolo GRANZOTTO

20/07/2007   *   
VEDI Bertinotti e Santa Maria della Vittoria - Antonio SOCCI

20/07/2007   *   
VEDI Cronaca della battaglia di Lepanto - Julius EBNOETHER

21/07/2007   *   
VEDI Cronaca della battaglia di Lepanto 1571

28/07/2007   *   
VEDI Europa-Islam, a Lepanto persero in due - Marco MESCHINI

28/07/2007   *   
VEDI Il declino di una tradizione militare. Aristocratici italiani e guerre europee. 1560-1800 - Francesco PAPPALARDO

01/11/2005   **   
VEDI Il papa di Lepanto: Pio V - Rino CAMMILLERI

09/01/2006   *   
VEDI La battaglia del 1571

01/11/2005   *   
VEDI La battaglia di Lepanto - Marco TANGHERONI

27/05/2005   **   
VEDI La croce e la mezzaluna. Lepanto 7 ottobre 1571 - Arrigo PETACCO

28/07/2007   *   
VEDI Le forze dei contendenti nella battaglia di Lepanto

01/11/2005   *   
VEDI Lepanto - Gilbert Keith CHESTERTON

06/10/2007   *   
VEDI Lepanto - Gilbert Keith CHESTERTON

07/10/2007   *   
VEDI Lepanto: a Gaeta il vessillo restaurato

06/10/2010   *   
VEDI Lepanto: il mito non tramonta - Alberto LEONI

26/10/2007   **   
VEDI Non c'erano pacifisti ai tempi di Lepanto - Paolo GRANZOTTO

25/05/2004   *   
VEDI Storia della festa del Rosario - Lorenzo CAPPELLETTI

27/05/2005   *   
VEDI The battle of Lepanto - William Thomas WALSH

03/06/2006   **   
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La Croce e la Mezzaluna    [ StoriaLibera.it > Temi ]

Batalla de Lepanto
Lepanto foundation
The battle of Lepanto
The Battle of Mohács 1526
Victory over the Turks at Malta, Lepanto and Vienna
Islam - the religion of peace


Arrigo PETACCO, La croce e la mezzaluna. Lepanto 7 ottobre 1571: quando la Cristianità respinse l'Islam, Mondadori, Milano 2005.
Roger CROWLEY, Imperi del mare. Dall’assedio di Malta alla battaglia di Lepanto, Bruno Mondadori, 2009.

Uma quinta parte da população da UE será muçulmana em 2050

Amplify’d from www.minutodigital.com
En la actualidad, la población musulmana representa el 10% de la población de los 27 países miembros de la UE, pero debido a los incesantes flujos migratorios y a la alta tasa de natalidad, se espera que, en 2050, la población musulmana residente en el Viejo Continente, se multiplique por 4. Los países donde más crecerá la población islámica serán Reino Unido, España y Holanda.
Por ello, y según un estudio del diario británico Daily Telegraph, en 2050, una quinta parte de la población de la Unión Europea será musulmana.
Según informa Iglesia.net, el país europeo que, según el estudio, más sufrirá el incremento será el Reino Unido, ya que la alta tasa de natalidad de su población musulmana, hará que sea el país más poblado de la Unión Europea en 2060. Para esa fecha, su población alcanzará los 77 millones de habitantes.
Los otros países que más población musulmana tendrán son España y Holanda, que son los países europeos donde más problemas genera la población musulmana.
Quizás esta afirmación se refleja con más intensidad en Holanda, donde se permitió la entrada a inmigrantes musulmanes sin contemplar la integración cultural y enseñarles la cultura del país, aduciendo que la modernidad consistía precisamente en eso: en romper con su pasado y creer sólo en la tolerancia como único valor.
Esto hizo, en opinión de algunos analistas, que la comunidad musulmana se creciera y llegara a asesinar a autores holandeses como Theo Van Gogh, por supuestas injurias contra la religión islámica.
Por ello, la población holandesa ha reaccionado contra este fundamentalismo en su propio suelo, lo que ha provocado que el electorado holandés comience a depositar su confianza en partidos anti-musulmanes.
Por último, el estudio se aventura a afirmar que los problemas sociales y de inseguridad ciudadana aumentarán, debido a la radicalización de la comunidad musulmana.
Esto último afecta sobre todo al Reino Unido, ya que la población musulmana del país de Shakespeare es sobre todo paquistaní, debido a que este país fue una de las colonias británicas en Asia. No es ningún secreto que las células terroristas que operan en Europa (por ejemplo, la que provocó el 7-J, en Londres) proceden de Paquistán. Por contra, en España, la inmigración musulmana procede mayoritariamente del vecino Marruecos, de donde procedían los terroristas del 11-M.
Read more at www.minutodigital.com

O dossier Mitrokhin: uma janela para o interior da URSS

Amplify’d from www.storialibera.it

"Guerra fredda": Archivio Mitrokhin

Nel 1992, il colonnello sovietico Vasili Mitrokhin si rifugia in Gran Bretagna con 300mila schede trafugate e copiate a mano durante gli anni di lavoro trascorsi come archivista del Kgb. L’«Archivio Mitrokhin» mise in luce una ramificazione vastissima e profondissima di penetrazione sovietica, rivelando la strategia comunista di piegare la società occidentale dall’interno, indebolendola soprattutto attraverso ogni genere di propaganda e di influenza culturale, di disarmo morale e di destabilizzazione sociale.

"Cold war": The Mitrokhin Archive

In 1992, Vasili Mitrokhin, a Major and senior archivist for the Soviet Union's foreign intelligence service, took refuge in GB and brought with him 300,000 copies of material from the KGB's offices. The Mitrokhin Archive brought to the light the massive and profound ramifications of the Soviet intelligence which strategy was to subdue the West civilization to the Communist fist from the inside, by weakening it through the propaganda of a new moral dictatorship and a penetrating cultural influence on society.
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Sic non est voluntas ante Patrem vestrum, qui in caelis est, ut pereat unus de pusillis istis.

O Padre Paulo fala da legalização do aborto no Brasil.

Satanás e o aborto (mp3): Nossa luta contra o aborto não envolve apenas adversários políticos e discussão democrática, mas também o inimigo invisível que é “homicida desde o princípio” (série parresia).

Convocação a todos os cristãos e homens de boa vontade a lutar pela vida. Apoia e confirma as denúncias dos bispos da Regional Sul 1 contra o Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) em sua tentativa de legalizar o aborto em nosso país.

Homilia sobre o aborto (mp3): No dia 04 de março foi realizado o aborto de dois gêmeos, em uma menina de 9 anos de idade, em Recife. A menina teria engravidado por abuso sexual de seu “padrasto”. A gravidez era normal e não havia razão médica para o assassinato de duas crianças inocentes. Ao contrário do que se afirmou amplamente, o aborto foi ilegal e clandestino. Ilegal, pois foi realizado sem o consentimento do pai biológico da menina grávida e sem o mandato judicial, previsto para o caso de os pais discordarem. Clandestino pois a menina grávida e sua mãe, foram levadas às escondidas do pai, para que se cometesse o crime. O Arcebispo de Olinda e Recife cumpriu o seu dever de pastor e cristão denunciando o crime.

Documentos citados:

Filme 'Mãe do Brasil'

Contextualização da Defesa da Vida no Brasil - como foi planejada a introdução da cultura da morte no país

Anjos custódios,
Anjos de Portugal e do Brasil,
Arcanjo São Rafael,
São Lucas,
Nossa Senhora do Ó,
rogai por nós.

Esclavagismo islâmico no Sudão

Via Vlad Tepes:


Luige, istine in necropolim vaticana sub basilicam Petrinam?

O Vaticano possibilita agora a visita virtual, guiada, ao túmulo do primeiro Papa. Depois do martýrio do Apóstolo, os christãos depositaram o seu corpo naquelle logar onde acorreram tantos fiéis e, mais tarde, haveria de ser construída pelo imperador Constatino a primeira basílica dedicada ao Sancto. Uma viagem pelos sæculos dos sæculos.

São Pedro, rogai por nós.


Esclavagismo islâmico: a catástrofe humanitária esquecida

Amplify’d from www.bivouac-id.com
« De siècle en siècle, l’esclavage est devenu un fait musulman, s’inscrivant profondément dans les habitudes »
Au terme d’une longue enquête, Malek Chebel dresse un constat accablant : l’esclavage a été et reste un fait musulman.
(…) Ce n’est pas le vocabulaire qui manque en terre d’Islam pour parler de l’esclavage. Cette richesse sémantique tranche avec le mutisme qui entoure le phénomène. Un mutisme d’autant plus choquant, aux yeux de Malek Chebel, que l’esclavage a pris des dimensions considérables tout au long de l’histoire de cette région du monde et qu’il reste très présent dans le quotidien de centaines de millions de gens.
C’est pour briser ce silence assourdissant que l’anthropologue algérien s’est livré à une longue enquête. Le constat final est accablant : «À Brunei, au Yémen, dans les pays du Sahel, chez les Touaregs, en Libye, dans le Sahel tunisien, en Égypte, en Arabie, en Mésopotamie, au Soudan ou à Djibouti, il n’est pas un lieu gagné par l’islam où ne se soit jamais pratiqué le commerce d’esclaves.» (…)
Une bonne part de la main-d’œuvre servile utilisée dans le monde arabe venait d’Afrique subsaharienne – en Tunisie, le même mot, abîd, désigne indistinctement l’esclave et le Noir… - et tout particulièrement du Sahel, de l’Éthiopie ainsi que de la côte orientale du continent. Mais les Balkans et les steppes de l’Asie centrale furent également d’importants bassins pourvoyeurs.
Combien furent-ils ? Malek Chebel estime à plus de 20 millions le « volume total de l’esclavage en terres arabes et musulmanes ». Ce nombre englobe aussi bien les captifs de guerre slaves, les concubines et les domestiques circassiennes, que les domestiques noirs achetés à des négriers ou razziés dans les villages du Sahel, les marins chrétiens capturés par les corsaires barbaresques en Méditerranée.
Les négriers arabes auraient donc fait « mieux » que leurs homologues européens. Les uns ont, il est vrai, sévi pendant quatorze siècles, contre moins de quatre pour les autres.
Faut-il chercher dans le Coran la cause du mal ? Le livre, certes, accepte que la condition de sujétion des esclaves par rapport aux maîtres soit maintenue en l’état. Car l’islam est né dans une région du monde où l’esclavage était quasiment un mode de production.(…)
Vivement encouragé en théorie, l’affranchissement n’a guère été suivi en pratique. De siècle en siècle, l’esclavage est devenu un fait musulman, s’inscrivant profondément dans les habitudes. Pourtant, c’est un sujet dont on ne parle pas. (…)
Le pire est peut-être dans l’impact que l’esclavage a eu sur les mœurs politiques du monde arabe. Dans un livre récent, l’universitaire marocain Mohammed Ennaji explique en quoi il a fondé le rapport au pouvoir et donc l’absolutisme qui est encore souvent la règle dans cette partie du monde.
Une fois le livre de Malek Chebel – dont, curieusement, les médias ont peu parlé – fermé, on ne voit plus la civilisation islamique de la même façon.

Malek Chebel : Islam et esclavage, un tabou bien gardé

Read more at www.bivouac-id.com

Clérigo muçulmano peremptório: «Temos que fazer jihad contra o Ocidente»

Elucidativa a introdução de Robert Spencer: a jihad é uma obrigação da comunidade islâmica uma vez por ano, em tempo de paz, levada a cabo por um grupo de membros da dita comunidade - daí as tradicionais razias, incursões armadas em terra de infiéis (dar-al-harb) e os actos esporádicos de pirataria que assolavam o Mediterrâneo; e um acto obrigatório para todo e qualquer indivíduo da comunidade islâmica se alguma parcela das terras do islão (dar-al-islam) tiver sido atacada por kuffar (infiéis).

Religião de paz, dizem...

Amplify’d from www.jihadwatch.org
All the schools of Islamic jurisprudence agree that when a non-Muslim force enters a Muslim land, jihad becomes the individual obligation of every Muslim (fard 'ayn) rather than a collective obligation of the entire umma, from which one is released if others are taking it up (fard kifaya). Bulghah al-Salik li-Aqrab al-Masalik fi madhhab al-Imam Malik ("The Sufficiency of the Traveller on the Best Path in the School of Imam Malik,") says this:
Jihad in the Path of Allah, to raise the word of Allah, is fard kifayah [obligatory on the community] once a year, so that if some perform it, the obligation falls from the rest. It becomes fard `ayn [obligatory on every Muslim individually], like salah and fasting, if the legitimate Muslim Imam declares it so, or if there is an attack by the enemy on an area of people.
The Hanafi, Maliki, and Shafi'i schools of Sunni jurisprudence further declare that jihad, once it is fard 'ayn, is no different from prayer and fasting -- in other words, to engage in warfare with non-Muslims in that case is a religious devotion that cannot lawfully be evaded. Hashiyah Ibn `Abidin, an authoritative text of the Hanafi school, says that jihad is "fard 'ayn if the enemy has attacked part of the Islamic homeland. It thus becomes an obligation like salah [prayer] and fasting which cannot be abandoned."
"Egyptian Islamic Scholar Ibrahim Al-Khouli: We Must Conduct Jihad against the West, Who Are Aggressors against the Land of Islam," from MEMRI, September 25:
Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian Islamic scholar Ibrahim Al-Khouli, which aired on Azhari TV on September 25, 2010: [...]
What formula should the Islamic nation adopt in its dealings with America and the West? [...]
Ibrahim Al-Khouli: We must confront them, and say: You are aggressors on the land of Islam. You are occupying our lands. You are exploiting our resources. You are humiliating our people. Unless you stop doing that, and restore our rights, the only path we will take is the path of Jihad, which is an individual duty incumbent upon the nation.
Interviewer: Yes.
Ibrahim Al-Khouli: Forget about Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. That's not what I'm talking about. I am talking about the Jihad of the entire nation.
Interviewer: Not of individuals.
Ibrahim Al-Khouli: I'm talking about Jihad which is led by the Islamic scholars, and the entire nation will be mobilized for the sake of the supreme Jihad. This will lead us to a confrontation.
We should follow the example of the young men of the Taliban. A group of several thousands of students have been crushing NATO in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Where are the armies of the Muslims?
Read more at www.jihadwatch.org
See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/dtsb

Satan's blog

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Your own . . . personal . . . Jesus

Did you know I love theology?

Yes, it’s a fact.  But it’s not just any theology I love, but any one of a whole boatload of false theologies.  And when I say a boatload, I’m talking cruise ship—big, comfortable, and full of smiling people trying to escape reality, if only for a moment.

You see, there is one way to get theology right, and about a gajillion ways to get theology wrong to one degree or another.  As an astute student, professor, and promoter of wrong theologies, I’ve always been amused at how easy it is to propagate false gospels, counterfeit Jesus’s, and overall flawed theologies.  It’s easy because I’ve observed a great propensity of all humans to adapt their theology (and all human beings have one) to their personal taste, sort of like making God in man’s own image.

Don’t like God? (I don’t either). Then adopt the theology of atheism.  Done!

Don’t like the thought of Hell?  (Careful now).  Then adopt a theology of universal salvation.  Done!

Have a little sin that you are quite fond of practicing?  Then adopt a theology in which God is equally fond, if not more so, of the same little sin.  Done!

See how easy it is?  There’s a theology for every lifestyle.  And here’s the best part: I approve of virtually all of them!

Yes, that’s right!  Unless you are diligent and wise, your theology is very likely to please not only yourself, but me as well, making both of our daily lives easier.

To illustrate a theology that has been tailored to the sin of its possessor, let me introduce Bishop Gene Robinson.  Now Mr. Robinson is not one of my own, but he has been taken captive to certain of my wiles and has adopted a personal theology that pleases me, and, happily, one which also distorts the theological views of those whom I hate most.
Mr. Robinson expressed his views (and mine) precisely in a recent Huffington Post piece entitled, “How Religion is Killing Our Most Vulnerable Youth.”
Hey, I love the title!  I love killing, and if I can enlist religion to do it, all the better.  But the title was only the beginning;  Robinson, who is an openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, rails against “religious voices” that denounce LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] people.”
Denouncing people?  Yes, there are some religious voices that do that, but they are usually mine.  I do recall Jesus denouncing certain religious people, and scripture warns those who insist on sinning in ways that would prevent them from entering the kingdom of heaven.  But for the most part God’s religious voice (much to my eternal chagrin) denounces the sin, not the sinner.  I hate the sinner and love the sin.  So, if anyone is denouncing people, they are probably doing my work.  Leave them alone.  But I do give Mr. Robinson credit for effectively distorting the theology of those I abhor!
Mr. Robinson says that gay kids growing up in “conservative denominations” are “told day in and day out that they are an abomination before God.”
Really?  Day in and day out?  Really, Mr. Robinson?  I hear very few denouncing sexual sin as an “abomination.”  And I don’t recall ever overhearing anyone saying the kids themselves are an abomination.  In fact, I can proudly claim that the word abomination rarely ever escapes the mouth of anyone but the bravest of those opposed to me and my kingdom.  It seems most religious leaders are afraid to touch this issue, and stay beautifully silent.
You see, a theology that God loves is one that considers sin,  not the sinner, as an abomination.  But the fact that some people have adopted a different theology that seeks to make that which is an abomination in the sight of God okie dokie in the sight of man, while also distorting the views of those who agree with God as “denouncing people as an abomination,” pleases me greatly.
Mr. Robinson has it wrong both ways.  Well done.  He not only believes and promotes a theology that he and I both can rejoice in, but he has perverted a true theology into a false caricature.  I could ask no more of a true servant of mine.
But there’s more!  Mr. Robinson concludes his piece by stating, with respect to all the young homosexuals that “religion” has killed,  ”Nothing short of changing our theology of human sexuality will save those young and precious lives.”
You see?  Ha ha ha ha ha.  Want a convenient theology?  Just change the one you don’t like into one you do like!
Don’t worry, chances are I’ll love whatever theology fits your sin-loving lifestyle.
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Intifada disfarçada

Um autor do Le Figaro observa, muito justamente, que a violência a que se assistiu esta semana em França não foi obra das organizações que se manifestaram contra a reforma da segurança social de Sarkozy, mas sim de bandos de indivíduos residentes em bairros sociais ― beneficiários, portanto, do apoio do estado francês ―, alguns emigrantes, muitos descendentes de emigrantes que desprezam a cultura francesa e a civilização ocidental, cultura que os põe na escola, civilização que, num gesto suicida, os acolhe e subsidia.
Se os autores destas acções de guerrilha urbana forem, na sua maioria, como se pensa, muçulmanos, essas acções têm um nome: intifada ou insurreição islâmica. Mais não são que os primeiros episódios de uma guerra civil que eclodirá quando os muçulmanos forem suficientemente numerosos para se sentirem confiantes de que sairão vencedores de um conflito mais generalizado e devastador, com outras armas.


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Tous les lycéens ne sont évidemment pas des casseurs. Mais les casseurs de ces derniers jours- et ce mercredi matin encore, dans le centre de Lyon - sont bel et bien des lycéens. Ceux-là viennent, majoritairement, des cités-ghettos. Les encapuchonnés ne défilent pas pour défendre la retraite à 60 ans, ni même le système de protection sociale qui a pu attirer leurs parents ou leurs grands-parents. Ils ont là pour en découdre avec la République, sa culture et ses symboles les plus visibles: les forces de l'ordre, les écoles. C'est ainsi qu'un collège a été incendié au Mans. Les scènes de guérillas urbaines qu'ils reproduisent ressemblent beaucoup aux images d'intifadas des jeunes palestiniens s'affrontant aux forces israéliennes. Comparaison n'est pas raison, mais il y a, dans ces insurrections ethniques d'une jeunesse de culture souvent musulmane, le même rejet d'un Etat vu comme colonisateur et oppresseur. Les ensauvagés, chaque fois plus intrépides et organisés, rappellent l'échec de leur intégration.
Ces razzias contredisent les berceuses qui assurent que la France maîtrise son immigration de peuplement. "L'intégration fonctionne", assure par exemple l'ancienne plume de Jean-Pierre Raffarin à Matignon, Hakim El Karoui (Le Monde, 10-11 octobre). Il y a bien sûr de nombreuses réussites qui devraient être davantage valorisées. Mais la France est, n'en déplaise aux bien-pensants, le seul pays d'Europe à connaître de telles fractures identitaires, qui séparent désormais la jeunesse et dérivent de plus en plus en affrontements civils. L'Allemagne, qui vient de reconnaître l'échec de son approche multiculturelle, n'est pas pour autant confrontée à ces explosions de haine et, en fait, de racisme anti-Français. Il est donc urgent d'ouvrir les yeux sur cette réalité, que beaucoup cherchent à nier à mesure qu'elle devient plus visible. Ce qui s'observe chez ces voyous, c'est un refus de s'intégrer dans une société qu'ils rejettent culturellement. C'est à ce défi que doit s'atteler la République.
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