Julgamento de Wilders: 2º dia (addendum)

Só agora me dou conta de mais um facto estranho, que pode configurar conflito de interesses, no caso do julgamento de Gert Wilders: o juiz que apreciou  incidente de recusa interposto pela defesa logo no primeiro dia deste último conjunto de sessões, pertence a uma associação de apoio aos emigrantes marroquinos:
(...) [The] President of the substitution court is Frans Bauduin (...) is the same judge who refused to give the assassin Volkert van der Graaf who assinated Pim Fortuyn just before the election a life sentence (Bauduin: "he did not disrupt the election process"). He was also one of the few judges who in the past have criticized governmental policies (NL) for fighting Islamic terrorism (NL).

Bauduin also has a side job: board member of the Morocco fund. Activities of the Morocco fund is for stimulating development aid for Morocco. For this it develops political activities (NL) and organizes Ramadan activities (NL). The foundation most likely depends on government funding (Goverment funded NCDO funds the foundation). The funding will becomes less likely when Geert Wilders his PVV party becomes part of government.

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