Jihad na Bósnia

Um tribunal superior bósnio terá transformado a prisão preventiva de dois terroristas islâmicos em prisão domiciliária.

A notícia é interpretada por alguns analistas como um sinal enviado aos mujahideen da Bósnia de que as suas actividades criminosas em nome do islão são apoiadas, ainda que não abertamente, pelas autoridades do país.

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Bosnian federal court that is dominated by Muslims, has released 3 well known Bosnian Muslim terrorists who were planning to bomb the Catholic Cathedral in Sarajevo, a catholic monastery in Fojnica as well as NATO installations in Bosnia.
Terrorists Rijad Rustempasic, Abdulah Handzic and Edis Velic were released from prison and ordered to stay at home.
The leader, Rustempasic, pictured left, is a well known domestic Bosnian Muslim terrorist with war-time credentials.
Rustempasic was the member of the El Mujaheed, the foreign born Jihadist unit of the Bosnian Muslim army. This unit is known for one of the worst atrocities against Christians in Bosnia including Islamic ritual of beheadings.
Inside the Bosnian Muslim Army, these Jihadists ran a college type course on bomb making and Rustempasic enrolled in it and is considered the bomb making expert.
After the end of Bosnian war, in 1996, Rustempasic took part in bombing of the catholic church in Humci near Bugojno, city that was recently rocked by terror explosions planted by Bosnian Muslims.
In 2004, Rustempasic was arrested and served 5 months in jail for possession of explosives.
Rustempasic was also investigated in 2005 and that investigation led to the arrest of the Swedish national but ethnic Bosnian Muslim Mirsad Bektasevic. Among other things, Bektasevic also had 2 suicide vests and had plans to attack the US and the UK Embassy in Bosnia.
Bosnian Muslim terror expert, Dzevad Galijasevic said that the release of Rustempasic and his posse represents a signal to the Bosnian Muslim terrorists that they are free to conduct terror.
Bosnian Muslims themselves say that they are aware of some 300 hard core radical Bosnian Muslims and by radical they mean Bosnian Muslims ready to die for Islam.
Galijasevic also says that the release of Rustempasic follows Bosnian Muslim typical response to Islamic violence – first the man is removed from the media, political pressure subsides then terrorist is freed.
This repeated pattern of Bosnian Muslim institutional behavior suggests, claims Galijasevic, that the Bosnian Muslim institutions themselves are sympathetic to the Islamic terror.
Galijasevic has in the past warned that there are Jihadist sleeper cells inside these institutions. Recently, a Bosnian Muslim Wahabbi was identified as a high-ranking employee of Sarajevo airport.
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