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Informo os leitores de que um dos canais do MEMRI no YouTube foi fechado.
Dizer a verdade sobre o islão não é uma missão fácil.
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The UAE-owned Alaan TV recently broadcast footage showing the stoning of a woman. The anchor stressed in the report that the footage was exclusive, filmed by a member of Taliban-Pakistan with his cell-phone and smuggled out of the Orakzai region of Pakistan. The woman's crime: she was accused of being seen with a man.
This was followed by exclusive footage, also from Orakzai, of the summary execution of a man and woman by gunshot. The anchor said: "We do not know why this killing took place, but it is clear that the two victims did not stand any trial, and the decision to shoot them was taken on the spur of the moment."

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The Stoning of a Woman
Presenter: "Alaan TV has obtained exclusive footage, filmed by means of a cell-phone, which shows a woman being stoned to death. The footage is of very poor quality, but it is important because it shows, for the first time, a woman being stoned. According to our sources, the stoning was carried out by Taliban-Pakistan, in the tribal area under its control, near the Afghan border."
Reporter: "The story begins with the gathering of men. Some of them are wearing turbans, and some are carrying weapons. They all belong to Taliban-Pakistan in the Orakzai region, which is close to the border with Afghanistan. These are Taliban members who are getting ready to stone a woman, who is sitting motionless on the ground. You can see her in the center of the picture. She was accused by Taliban-Pakistan of being seen with a man.
"The footage was filmed by a member of Taliban-Pakistan who was on the scene, using his cell-phone. This is the reason that the images are not clear. Alaan TV has used its sources to smuggle the footage out of Orakzai. This footage is unique, because Taliban-Pakistan tries to conceal such images. They know that images of the stoning of a woman should not be made public, because they might cause a rift between the movement and its supporters. As far as we know, this is the first time anyone has obtained footage of a woman being stoned by Taliban-Pakistan.
"The stoning begins. After the woman is struck by one stone, two stones, and many more, her body begins to shudder. The men continue to pelt stones at her, and soon, her body becomes motionless. [...]"
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