Jihad na Bósnia (2)

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Kosovo Albanian Muslims stone Serb hospital

October 23, 2010 – 6:15 am
Several young Albanian Muslims in Kosovo stoned the hospital in the village of Rajanovce in Kosovo.
“At the time of the attack the hospital had 2 nurses and the service worker,” said the spokeswoman for the hospital Jelica Krcmarevic.
The hospital, seen in the photo, is ran by Serbs whom Muslims seek to either kill or expel out of Kosovo.
The attack was reported to the Kosovo “police” and the police will “investigate” and as usual never solve any attacks by Albanian Muslims against Serbs.
The Albanian spokesman for the police Ismet Hashani says that the police has no motive for the attack.
Krcmarevic said that the hospital has been stoned many times in the past.
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