Embaixador norte-americano na Líbia sodomizado?

O rumor levanta várias questões que o autor deste artigo no frontpagemag.com explicita:
« This revelation about the sexual denigration of the reportedly gay Ambassador Stevens raises several questions. First, when are so-called liberals going to shed the rose-tinted goggles of multiculturalism and get in touch with a righteous anger about a pathologically anti-gay, ragingly misogynist, mob culture that sexually violates and murders innocents?
When are American progressives, who whine about a mythical Republican War on Women, going to denounce this perverse sexual pathology in Arab culture? When are leftist academics, up in arms about the Bush administration’s enhanced interrogations of hardened terrorists, going to vent their fury against a culture that routinely commits sexual torture and mutilation?
 Another question: If suspicions of Ambassador Stevens’ homosexuality are true, why did the administration send a gay man to an unstable hotbed of Islamic fundamentalism? Did it not realize that the possible discovery of his sexual orientation could have ramped up the danger for Stevens?»
Vale a pena ler todo o artigo.

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Carlos Velasco disse...

Caro Luís,

A pergunta que logo me veio à mente é a seguinte: Por onde andará o movimento gay?

Um abraço (pela frente).