Britânico arrisca pena de 2 anos por meter bacon nos sapatos de muçulmanos

Destaque de um artigo a ler na íntegra:
«Western countries have learned to harshly punish those who offend Muslims, not because of the crime itself, but its potential to set off a murderous response by the Muslims themselves. For all that the politicians pretend that they're cracking down on those who make the poor Muslim dears feel unwelcome in Albion, Columbia or Marianne, in the name of human rights, it's the explosive reaction that they're worried about»

e, para finalizar:

«But it is vital that we remember what is really important here. Ham and shoes. And anything that offends Muslims. It is vital that we forget the terror, the massacres, murders, rapes and honor killings. It is vital that we pay no attention to the fact that nearly every rape in Oslo in the past five years was perpetrated by the Religion of Sex Slaves. Ignore the Muslim university speakers preaching that there is a permanent state of war between Islam and the rest of the world. It's a thin line between thinking forbidden thoughts and doing forbidden things. If you concede reality, then you might as well be a ham shoe stuffer yourself.»

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The UK Home Secretary has warned about complacency in the face of Islamic extremism. But there are no worries about complacency when it comes to things that irritate Muslims. As a drunken fellow from Bristol found out when decided it would be funny to stuff pieces of ham into the shoes of mosquegoers. Twenty years ago this might have made for an amusing limerick. Today it's a possible two year jail term.

"It is difficult to imagine a more offensive incident", said Her Honour Judge Carol Hagen. Her Honour clearly lacks imagination. But even if she can't imagine a pig with a burning koran in its mouth being catapulted in the direction of Mecca, there is the teacher who was savagely beaten by Muslim thugs for the crime of teaching Muslim girls. Smashing in a man's face seems worse than some ham in a shoe.

The prosecutor harrumphed that pork products in shoes were a "premeditated attack specifically targeted at the Muslim community". As premeditated attacks go, this has more in common with Dr. Seuss, than with the sort of attacks that the Muslim community specializes in. When the Muslim community launches a premeditated attack, there's burning rubble and body parts that have to be scraped up off the sidewalk. The only thing that had to be scraped off this time around was stale pork.

Not to be left behind in the misplaced outrage sweepstakes, the ham stuffer's attorney called it, "a brutal, misconceived, drunken prank." It was doubtlessly drunken, but how brutal was it? On a scale of silly to brutal, putting pork in shoes ranks somewhere below a water bucket over the door and above a joy buzzer. But when even your own lawyer describes something that has more in common with a Dada art exhibit, than the savage beating of a teacher, as brutal, then there isn't anyone left to make the case for you.
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