URSSE - ano zero (2)

«(...) Supporters of the Lisbon Treaty say its purpose is to cement European integration by “streamlining” decision making. But in its essence, the Lisbon Treaty, which has been called a “slow motion coup d’état,” is all about the centralization of political power by an unelected ruling clique in Brussels who desire to rule Europe free from the constraints of democracy. (...) European strategists have long been frustrated by Europe’s inability to speak with one voice a debilitating weakness that often neuters Europe’s economic and political weight on the global stage (...). The Lisbon Treaty is designed to remedy this deficiency by imposing a European president and foreign minister at the top of the European edifice. (...) By giving unelected EU bureaucrats jurisdiction over questions of war and peace, the Lisbon Treaty will usurp the national prerogatives of its member states on the use of military force. (...) The Lisbon Treaty will make Europe more centralized and far less democratic than it already is. (...) The history of European integration is a textbook case in how a simple economic treaty can be gradually transformed into an all-encompassing non-democratic supranational federal leviathan. (...)»

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