Jihad contra Israel (2)

Caroline Glick analisa o confronto de hoje entre os militares israelitas e os pseudo-activistas-humanitários(1), os antecedentes, as consequências e sobre o que deve Israel fazer para poder continuar a defender-se.
The Navy and other relevant bodies will no doubt study these failures. But they point to a larger strategic failure that has crippled Israel's capacity to contend with the information war being waged against it. Until this failure is remedied, no after-action investigation, no enhanced training, no new electronic warfare doodad will make a significant impact on Israel's ability to contend with the next Hamas flotilla that sets sail for Gaza.
The second indicator of the scope of the war against Israel is far more devastating than the list of groups that endorsed the pro-Hamas flotilla. That indicator is the fact that at the UN on Friday, 189 governments of 189 countries came together as one to savage Israel. There is no other issue that commands such unanimity. The NPT review conference demonstrated that the only way the international community will agree on anything is if its members are agreeing that Israel has no right to defend itself. The NPT review conference's campaign against Israel shows that the 222 organizations supporting Hamas are a reflection of the will of the majority - not a minority - of the nations of the world. (...)
Until US President Barack Obama took office, Israel's one steady asset in this war was the US. Until last year, the US consistently refused to join the Red-Green alliance because its leaders recognized that the alliance's campaign against Israel was part and parcel of the Red-Green campaign against US superpower status in the Middle East and throughout the world. Indeed, some US leaders recognized that the Red-Green alliance's animus towards Israel stemmed from the same source as its rejection of American exceptionalism.
(1) - Quanto ao estatuto dos passageiros do navio, supra referidos como pseudo-activistas-humanitários: trata-se, na verdade, de jihadistas que desobedeceram a vários avisos da marinha israelita para não entrar na zona do bloqueio naval a Gaza, que atacaram os soldados, por exemplo, projectando berlindes de vidro com fisgas (num dos videos da ocorrência pode ver-se os soldados israelitas em a contorcer-se como se estivesses a ser atacados por um enxame invisível).

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