Qui habitare facit sterilem in domo, matrem filiorum lætantem

Do relato de uma ex-lésbica militante:
  1. o aviltamento da mulher pela contracepção e relações sexuais antes do casamento; o femininismo, racionalização de problemas afectivos mal resolvidos
    “Prodded along by what I was reading, I began thinking that since all my heterosexual relationships were failures, that I might be a lesbian.”
  2. o modus vivendi homossexual, gerador de grande sofrimento psíquico e espiritual
    “I was a mental wreck. I just felt that I was spinning out of control, that I was keeping appearances but I was miserable inside.” [S]he broke into tears one night at 3 am and began shouting in her empty apartment (...), imploring God to “take her away.” “Here I was, a militant feminist lesbian atheist lying on my apartment floor crying my head off imploring God. I wasn’t in my right mind, but I was desperate for help.”
  3. a dificuldade em reeducar a sua própria personalidade
    “I was suddenly forced to face life in the raw, without any protection or buffer.”
  4. a Egreja Cathólica, guardiã dos bons costumes
    “I went to the monastery armed with all the contempt and hatred for the patriarchal Church that I had stored up from years of radical feminist studies. For radical feminists the Church is basically enemy #1.” 
  5. a paciência dos monges
    “For three days in a row, two hours a day, I badgered, screamed at, practically foamed at the mouth in the face of this monk, dredging up basically every insult, cliché, dirty thing that I could think of, or invent about Christianity. I was so mad, so hurt and angry, and I was dishing it all out to this monk, who never said a word the whole time, but instead just looked at me, nodding his head.”
  6. a conversão espiritual e afectiva de uma lésbica militante, possível
    “I just say that God floored me, staggered me; I didn’t convert myself, he brought me to Him.”
  7. a realização bio-psycho-social da mulher no matrimónio e na maternidade
    She now works as an independent journalist and happily married stay-at-home mother of six.
São Bento, rogai por nós.

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