Detidos em Guantanamo têm Play Station, Skype e aulas

Tudo à custa do contribuinte norte-americano. Se são inocentes, o melhor é soltá-los. Como se tem verificado, grande parte volta para os campos de batalha jihadistas e muitos acabam por ser mortos em combate. Se são culpados, o crime acaba por compensar: estão melhor que muitos dos seus compatriotas, arrastados para a miséria e oprimidos pelos regimes islamitas que os mujahedin querem implantar no resto do mundo.
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"Gitmo Detainees Serve Time By Playing Games, Talking to Family on Skype, Taking Classes," by Mike Levine for FoxNews.com, July 13 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
President Obama has not fulfilled his pledge to close the detainee prison at Guantanamo Bay, but he has brought Skype, Playstation3 and "life skills" classes to the detainees at the island facility.

While the 181 men being held in the prison wait to learn their fates after the administration fell through on its January 2010 deadline to move them out, 90 percent now live in a communal environment that includes Skype, the online video chat service, and access to a 17,000-book library.

That's up from 40 percent of detainees a year ago.

The "Twilight" series, a hit among so-called "tweens," is also popular with detainees, the camp's "librarian" said. [...]

But, McManus said, the Skype sessions are monitored "so they won't give away force protection information."

"Obviously we don't want them to say, 'I'm here at this camp. There's this many people here, and this is where the guards are,'" he said....

How reassuring!

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