Activistas pró-Palestina estupradas pelos seus protegidos

A história é simples e tem todos os ingredientes de uma anedota de mau-gosto. O que é mais triste é estas moças estarem de tal modo submersas no lixo ideológico progressista que acabem por ceder às pressões políticas para não apresentar queixa, de modo a não prejudicar a causa, a palestiniana, na sua "luta contra a ocupação". O problema assumiu proporções tais que as organizações pró-palestinianas estão a realizar workshops dirigidos às mulheres que pretendem protestar a favor da causa palestiniana, de modo a que aprendam a defender-se das investidas sexuais mais agressivas dos indivíduos a favor de quem elas se manifestam.

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An illuminating post on the excellent Muqata blog (backed up also here) reveals what western pro-Palestinian war (aka peace) activists don’t tell us what happens -- it would seem frequently -- to the women amongst them when they sally forth to protect the ‘defenceless’ Arabs against Israeli ‘aggression’. They get sexually assaulted by the defenceless Arabs.

Back in July, Ha’aretz reported the story of a former Arab convict named Alladin who would find these young female peace activist staying in nearby villages, he would tell them he was on the run from the Shabak (Israel security), and ask them to hide him. These young female dupes would of course be happy to help an Arab on the lam from the Israeli authorities and let him sleep in their rooms.

So far one girl initially came forward about the attempted rape against her. She was found wandering the village of Umm Salmuna (near Bethlehem) in a state of shock, so who knows if the attempt actually failed. But in the end [she] retracted her story due to pressure to ‘not hurt the cause’. Haaretz had learned that representatives of both the popular protest movement and the PA have since applied pressure on the American peace activist as to prevent her from making the story public.

The story could have ended there, except that there’s more. Apparently, quite a number of female protesters have been sexually assaulted and molested by the Arabs they are protesting for. One attack occurred just recently in Bil'in. After the army fired smoke gas towards the rioting crowd of ‘peace’ activists and Arabs, the protesters ran. One Arab decisively used the smoke cover as an opportunity to sexually assault one of the more seasoned female activists.

The problem has gotten so bad, that some female protesters have stopped showing up to the protests...Two months ago, some of the radical leftwing organizers started running secret workshops... The subject? ‘How to deal with sexual harassment during direct activities against the occupation’. The workshop is for female and transgender activists.

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh.

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