Conformidade com a sharia em Israel

Conformidade com a sharia em Israel imposta pelo governo israelita (conservador, diz-se, radical de direita, dizem outros) às IDF: os soldados em patrulha em zonas de fronteira com a Autoridade Palestiniana não podem fumar, beber nem comer durante o dia, ou seja: têm que respeitar os preceitos islâmicos do Ramadão.

Group Slams Barak Call for IDF Ramadan 'Fast'
Rightwing and religious Israelis were up in arms Tuesday after Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered IDF troops not to eat while patrolling IDF checkpoints in Judea and Samaria during the monthlong Muslim Ramadan month, which begins Thursday. In a statement, the Samaria Residents Council said that “it is sad to see that Barak has become an expert on Islam, as he sends IDF soldiers and border troops to tear down synagogues, beat up rabbis, issue orders to demolish Yeshivot, and arrest Jewish youths by dragging them by their peyot, their sidecurls. Is he Ehud Barak or 'Ahmed Barak,'?” the Council asked rhetorically.
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