Imã terrorista diz implementar o islão

Organizar uma milíciaparamilitar e cumprir ordens de Alá. Quem o diz é um imã indonésio que está a ser julgado e que acusa as autoridades de, no acto de o julgar, estarem a banir o islão do país!

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Indonesia: Jihad leader facing terror charges says "I’m being tried for defending Islam"

He said it. It is now up to "moderate" Muslim leaders to explain how training for jihad violence does not equal defending Islam. But don't hold your breath.

"Bashir Says Charges Against Him Equate to Ban on Islam," by Heru Andriyanto for the Jakarta Globe, March 8 (thanks to Block Ness):

Firebrand cleric Abu Bakar Bashir told a court on Monday that the government’s actions against him and the paramilitary training in Aceh were tantamount to banning Islam in Indonesia, .

“I’m being tried for defending Islam.”

The 72-year-old faces terror charges for funding the training of a paramilitary force in Aceh that police believe aimed to launch attacks on state leaders and foreigners.

Bashir has admitted to setting up the training camp “to follow orders from Allah that Muslims perform I’dad [prepare for armed conflict] to cause fear among the enemies of Islam, so they don’t disturb Muslims.”

On Monday, he said the paramilitary training was the implementation of the Islamic teachings, or Shariah, and any attempt to challenge it would mean the government had outlawed the nation’s most widespread religion.

“The paramilitary training is recognized by Shariah, and I say the religious teachings should not be violated,” Bashir said in response to the prosecution’s statements. “If the implementation of Sharia was banned, it would be that the government had banned Islam in Indonesia.”...

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