"A Europa está perdida"

Jamie Glazov entrevista, para a Frontpage Mag, Dave Sheskin, canadiano, major na reserva das Forças Armadas Israelitas (IDF - Israeli Defense Forces), que serviu também a Mossad, onde se especializou em islamismo e sharia. Da entrevista, destaco duas passagens; a primeira diz respeito à islamização da Europa - a qual, segundo Sheskin, se encontra para lá do ponto de retorno -, e ao ponto da situação nos EUA e no Canadá:
«FP: From what you seem to be saying, Europe is drowning in the face of Islamization. It’s also been allowing toxic elements to nest on its territory. What can be done? Is it too late for Europe to save itself?

Sheskin: With approximately 52 million Muslims now residing in Europe, most experts believe that the European demographics are challenged. In my opinion, it is too late for Europe to save itself (destaques nossos). The radical component of this aforesaid group is increasing dramatically, and they do not conform to the host society. They would prefer that the host society adapt to their laws and customs. This clashes directly with our democratic ideals, and if we are not careful, we will eventually face the same fate.

FP: Your thoughts on our confrontation with Radical Islam and Sharia Law?

Sheskin: We have not yet experienced much conflict with the radical Islamists, but if we fail to regulate and control the immigration laws of this country, Canada, we stand to relinquish our right of self-expression, self-determination and democracy as we know it. Should we remain complacent and fail in our endeavor to prevent the radical Islamists from settling here, there will be more than just a confrontation; a holy Jihad will more than likely be the penalty.

This is the last bastion of western civilization to be conquered by them, and they have emphatically said so many times. The United States of Islam and Canada is the name that they would love to see waving in the breeze on an Islamic Crescent flag. And let there be no doubt whatsoever that we are the ultimate prize for them. Once their numbers have substantially increased, it will be our children, grandchildren and all generations to follow that will have to face the consequences of a confrontation that we can not win.

Using Quebec as an example, the Muslim community in that province has grown and exploded since the last census taking, and their increase in permitted immigration there has swelled by more than 140% within the last decade. If ever they get the opportunity to propagate here as they have in Europe, over 52 million we will become a minority people within mere decades. Unfortunately, our government has done little to prevent them from settling here in large numbers, and they are enjoying the freedom we offer.


As far as Sharia Law is concerned, we are already witnessing the consequences of allowing them even a limited amount of freedom in that area in England, Belgium and Denmark. Sharia requires its followers to engage in Jihad through whatever means possible, and if not for any other reason, that should be enough for us to have Sharia Law banned in this country.

Sharia explicitly calls for the use of violent techniques that are designed to create fear amongst the so-called infidels, and whoever stands in the way of a potential Muslim theocracy would be easily eliminated. The suppression and brutalization of women and persecution of our gay society must never be permitted to take hold here. All we have to do is take a drive through Detroit, and see what Sharia Law has done there. Such immoral practices of religious justice stems from the Qur’an itself, and it is cruel. Their oppressive and barbaric laws can contribute nothing to the betterment of our society, or for that matter, even theirs.


FP: What has Sharia Law done in Detroit?

Sheskin: A few months ago, I drove through a sector of Michigan called Dearborn. I stopped at a red light and took advantage of the brief interlude to survey my surroundings. I could have sworn that I was back in the West Bank or Gaza Strip. The men were walking a few steps in front of the women, as was customary, while the women all covered in dark shades of burkas’ and hijabs trailed a fair distance behind pushing baby strollers. That on its own was proof enough for me that Sharia Law was observed.

However, there were other indicators as well. The Sharia courts in Detroit and surrounding areas are authorized to settle family disputes without the consent of the US courts, and use shaming tactics as a tool for punishment. That is also legal. They have their own religious policing unit that operate independently from the local authorities, and recently, so-called ‘infidel residents’ have stated that they do believe that “honour killings” are carried out, and the bodies disposed of in secluded areas of the state that are not easy to get to by the state authorities. (...)»
A outra passagem que gostaria de destacar diz respeito à capacidade de resistência de Israel e do resto do mundo ocidental:

«FP: Are you optimistic or pessimistic about Israel’s and the West’s ability and capacity to defend itself against Radical Islam?

Sheskin: This may sound bizarre, but I do believe that radical Islam and its followers will ultimately self-destruct in time. Israel most definitely has the means to protect herself from this enemy, because we have grown to know precisely what they stand for and what their intentions are towards us. Should they ever attempt to draw us into a place that we wish not to go, they will experience the wrath of a nation and its inhabitants who have had enough of their threats and verbal intimidation.

I would want to see the Western world be more prepared then they are. As of this moment, I do believe that Israel is better equipped to handle radical Islam. We are fortunate to have friends such as Canada and the United States for supporting us. If need be, we would do the same for them. In addition, I believe that Moammar Khadafy of Libya and Ahmadinijad of Iran spew so much hatred, that it is an endeavor on their part to convince themselves that they are superior to us. To be able to prove that is another issue; and I certainly hope that they do not push us too far. Our reaction would be very severe and unforgiving. (...)»


Morrer a rir

"Malvados cristãos! Desde que fizeram aquele atentado com roupa interior explosiva... E outro com um explosivo enfiado no recto!" Excerto do filme An American Carol. Via Jihad Watch.


Enquanto por cá se discute o direito dos muçulmanos na Europa a construir estruturas arquitectónicas que simbolizam a superioridade, se não o domínio, do islão sobre uma sociedade; se concedem plenos direitos de cidadania aos muçulmanos, nomeadamente o acesso a posições de poder nas forças de segurança, na política, nas forças armadas, espreitemos para a forma como os cristãos são tratados em alguns países muçulmanos, através de um artigo recente de Phyllis Chesler no Pajamas Media, começando pelo Iraque:
«(...) [I]n Mosul, Iraq, the Syrian Orthodox Church of St. Thomas, founded in 770 AD, was bombed — killing two civilians and wounding five others. This was the “sixth attack on Christians there in less than a month.” Ironically, according to their identity cards, the two murder victims were actually Muslims. However, according to Father Abdul Massih Dalmay of this church, “Christians are being targeted during Christmas time.” Father Dalmay feels that the government has not provided enough security for churches at this time and views this as “negligence on their part.”

The Syrian Orthodox Parish of the Immaculate Virgin was attacked a week ago. An infant girl was killed and forty people were wounded. Father Faez Wadiha, of this church, says, with irony: “This is certainly a Christmas present for Mosul, a message of congratulations why we are celebrating a feast of love and peace. But we will pray in the streets, in homes, in shops. God is everywhere, not just in churches.” The Syrian Catholic Church of the Annunciation , the (Chaldean) Church of St Ephrem, and the St. Theresa Church were all bombed in Mosul in the last month. According to another Christian Father: “These attacks are aimed at forcing Christians to leave the country.” (...)»

Passemos ao Egipto:

«For years now, Islamist “gangs” have been forcibly converting Christian children to Islam by drugging, kidnapping, gang-raping, photographing the rapes, blackmailing, and “marrying” the female child, as young as twelve, to Muslim men. The Egyptian police have been unwilling to stop this criminal activity. Recently, a Christian television channel broadcast a program about this in Arabic. Many Egyptians were shocked. Here is one of the kidnappers’ tactics:

“The latest fraud mentioned on the TV program is that Muslim gangs who dress as Coptic priests, offer a car lift to Christian girls and then abduct them. ‘The Coptic Church has warned its congregation against letting any unknown person dressed as a priest into their homes or accepting a lift.’”

A substantial Christian population has always lived in Egypt. They have increasingly been bombed, tortured and murdered. For example, the Monastery of Abu Fana in Upper Egypt has existed since the 5th century — which clearly predates Islam by two centuries. Last year, Bedouin Muslims attacked the monastery, “destroying a small church and burning the monastery’s farm. Nine monks and monastery employees were wounded and four others were abducted.” Jeff Jacoby writes:

“One of the [abducted] monks had his arm and legs broken,” the Egyptian lawyer and human-rights activist Nagib Gabriel later testified. “The other two were tied together with ropes, suspended from a tree, and severely beaten with hoses and sticks. Afterwards, they were placed — upside down and still tied together — on the back of a donkey and shoved off. The monks were further commanded to spit on the cross and proclaim the shahada [the Muslim credo that "there is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet"], beaten every time they refused, and even threatened with death.”

Sigamos para o Paquistão:

«For a long time now, Christians have been persecuted in Pakistan. Their female children have been kidnapped, forced to convert and forcibly married to Muslims; both priests and believers have been attacked, and often murdered. Earlier this month, in Sargodha, Pakistan (in or near the Punjab), a mob of Muslim villagers, armed with clubs, spades, and axes attacked a showing of a film on Jesus, injuring three part-time evangelists very seriously as well as four Christians in attendance. The mob destroyed their appliances and absconded with funds. The mob also turned on Christian villagers who tried to intervene. Apparently, the mob climbed “trees to get a clearer view of the screen. The eyewitnesses said that as soon as the Muslim attackers watched the resurrection and ascension of Christ, they became enraged because their version of Islam forbids portraying an image of a living thing and especially that of a prophet. ” As usual, the police refused to register a complaint.»
Um saltinho à Turquia, candidata à adesão à U(RSS)E:
«[O]n December 15, 2009, in Istanbul, in response to a Swiss vote banning the construction of new mosque minarets, a group of Muslims went into a church building in eastern Turkey and threatened to kill a priest unless he tore down its bell tower. Specifically, on December 4, 2009, three Muslims entered the Meryem Ana Church, a Syriac Orthodox church in Diyarbakir, and confronted the Rev. Yusuf Akbulut. They told him that unless the bell tower was destroyed in one week, they would kill him. … Akbulut has been the target of threats, harassment before.”»
Uma espreitadela na Indonésia, famosa pela convivência entre cristãos e muçulmanos:
«In the rapidly Islamifying Indonesia, in Jakarta, “hundreds of Muslims celebrated the eve of the Islamic New Year last Thursday (Dec. 17) by attacking a Catholic church building under construction in Bekasi, West Java. A crowd of approximately 1,000 men, women and children from the Bebalan and Taruma Jaha areas of Bekasi walking in a New Year’s Eve procession stopped at the 60 percent-completed Santo Albertus Catholic Church building, where many ransacked and set fires to it, church leaders said. Damage was said to be extensive, but no one was injured.”»
Uma paragem na Somália, onde os jovens islamitas tomam o poder:
«“Islamic extremists controlling part of the Somali capital of Mogadishu this month executed a young Christian whom they accused of trying to convert a 15-year-old Muslim to Christianity. Members of the Islamic extremist group al Shabaab had taken 23-year-old Mumin Abdikarim Yusuf into custody on Oct. 28 after the 15-year-old boy reported him to the militants. Yusuf’s body was found on Nov. 14 on an empty residential street in Mogadishu, with sources saying the convert from Islam was shot to death, probably some hours before dawn.”»
Finalmente, a Terra Santa:
«(...) [F]ewer and fewer Christians (and no Jews) live there year-round; pilgrims come to visit at this time of year but that’s about it. According to Benny Avni, writing in the New York Post, “fifty years ago, Christians made up 70 percent of Bethlehem’s population; today, about 15 percent…Practically the only place where the Christian population is growing is in Israel.”

As to the Church of the Nativity, it was treated abominably by Palestinian terrorists who, in 2002, held priests hostage there and treated it as a combination garbage dump and toilet. Israeli forces had to rescue the priests and arrange a cease-fire and surrender.

In the West Bank, churches, Christian cemeteries, and Christian-owned businesses have been attacked and defaced. Christians have been leaving in droves. According to Benny Avni, the current “West Bank Christian population (not counting Jerusalem)…is now less than 8 percent of the population.”

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Daniel Schwammenthal focuses on the persecution of Arab Christians in Bethlehem and especially on how the Western media has refused to cover this fact. When we read about the persecution of Palestinians it is only ascribed to Israel, never to Hamas, Hezbollah, or to the Palestinian Authority. The firebombing of Christian homes and of the only Christian bookstore in Bethlehem, the mass Islamic prayers in Manger Square, the intimidation of students at a Christian Bible college by Muslims who stand outside and loudly chant from the Qu’ran — are all daily realities for Christians in Bethlehem. A Christian spokesman in Bethlehem says: “We have never suffered as we are now suffering.”

What in God’s name, are we to conclude from all this? Nina Shea, in National Review, draws some of the necessary conclusions:

“The disappearance of living Christian communities would signal the disappearance of religious pluralism and a moderating influence from the heart of the Muslim world. Within our lifetime, the Middle East could be wholly Islamicized for the first time in history. Without the experience of living alongside Christians and other non-Muslims at home, what would prepare it to peacefully coexist with the West? This religious polarization would undoubtedly have geopolitical significance. So far, official Washington has not taken this under consideration.”


Of course, Muslims persecuted, colonized, and genocidally exterminated other non-Muslim groups too. Let’s not forget the Hindus in India who were under genocidal attack for 700 years; the Zoroastrians and Baha’i who were under attack in Iran; and the Armenians who were genocidally exterminated by Turkish Muslims. Armenians are a Christian ethnic group whose members belong to the Armenian Apostolic Church. To this day, the Turks still refuse to admit their responsibility.»

E concluíndo:

«(...) [O]n the one hand we have a relatively passive Christian West which has chosen not to actively stop the persecution of Christians in Muslim lands. On the other hand, we have allegedly “peaceful” Muslims who look the other way as Christians are persecuted and who are, understandably, also unwilling to … die to save Christians. For that matter, they are simply trying to live their lives and they are also unwilling to risk their lives to save other Muslims as well. “Peaceful” Muslims do not necessarily feel responsible for what is happening. Culturally and psychologically, they have been well trained to blame others, never themselves and to never act alone, as individuals, and/or against the family, clan, tribe, or ummah. (...)»


Infiltração jihadista na Europa

Na sequência do atentado frustrado num avião prestes a aterrar em Detroit no dia 25 de Dezembro, volta a discutir-se a segurança nos aeroportos e no interior das aeronaves. A bizarra circunstância do terrorista ter conseguido embarcar sem passaporte, levanta preocupações a respeito da eficácia das medidas de segurança nos aeroportos. Neste contexto, a notícia divulgada pelo blogue Islam in Europe alude a um risco grave e complexo: a lealdade dos muçulmanos à sua fé sobrepõe-se a qualquer outro compromisso, seja para com o país que os acolheu ou que os viu nascer, seja um compromisso profissional. O islão cauciona a mentira a bem da religião, através do conceito da taqiyya, e o profeta Mafoma terá dito que "Guerra é engano". O mandato universal à jihad (1) até que o islão seja a religião universal faz de todo o muçulmano um mujahid em potência. A disposição para morrer em jihad torna os mujahidin guerreiros temíveis que não recuam perante nenhuma ameaça. Seria bom que os riscos de acolher os muçulmanos no Ocidente em geral, em posições de poder - nomeadamente em forças de segurança, públicas ou privadas -, em particular, fossem ponderados. (1) - "Muhammad said: ‘I have been ordered to fight against all the people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is Allah's messenger, and offer the prayers perfectly, and give the obligatory charity. So if they perform all that, then they save their lives and property from me and their reckoning will be done by Allah.'" Hadith Sahih Al-Bukhari, 1, 24.

Padre ortodoxo russo assassinado em Moscovo (2)

O homicídio do padre ortodoxo russo, ao qual aqui fizemos referência, foi reivindicado por muçulmanos tchetchenos. Jihad na Rússia, um vislumbre da Eurábia Oriental. Via Vlad Tepes e Jihad Watch.


Feliz Natal 2009

DECE DO CEO O IMENSO DEOS BENINO – Dece do Ceo imenso, Deus benino Para encarnar na Virgem soberana. – Por que dece Divino em cousa humana? – Para subir o humano a ser divino. – Poos como vem tão pobre e tão minino, Rendendo-se ao poder de mão tirana? – Porque vem receber morte inumana, Para pagar de Adão o desatino. – Pois como? Adão e Eva o fruto comem, Que por seu próprio Deus lhe foi vedado? – Si, porque o próprio ser de Deoses tomem. – E por essa razão foi humanado? – Si, porque foi com causa decretado: Se o homem quis ser Deus, que Deus seja homem. Luiz Vaz de Camoens (ca. 1524-1580) Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) La Nativité du Seigneur - 2. Les Bergers; Órgão: Willem Tanke.
Georges de La Tour, A Adoração dos Pastores, Museu do Louvre


Blogando o Corão: Sura 1, "A Abertura" (excerto)

Al-Fatiha (A Abertura) é a primeira sura/surata (capítulo) do Corão e a oração mais usual do islão. Se o leitor for um piedoso muçulmano e reza as cinco orações diárias do preceito islâmico, recitará Al-Fatiha dezassete vezes no decurso dessas orações. De acordo com uma tradição islâmica, o profeta muçulmano, Mafoma, disse que Al-Fatiha superava tudo o que fora revelado por Alá na Torá, nos Evangelhos e no resto do Corão (Allah, "O Deus" em árabe, é a palavra usada por cristãos e judeus arabófonos para se referirem a Deus, assim como pelos muçulmanos). E, com efeito, Al-Fatiha condensa eficiente e eloquentemente muitos dos principais temas do Corão e do islão em geral: Alá é o "Senhor dos mundos", só ele deve ser adorado e só a ele se devem dirigir súplicas, é o juiz misericordioso de cada alma no dia do Juízo Final.
Na teologia islâmica, Alá é o autor de todas as palavras do Corão. A alguns pode parecer estranho que Alá diga algo como «louvado seja Alá, Senhor dos mundos», mas a interpretação islâmica tradicional é que Alá revelou esta oração a Mafoma logo no início da sua carreira profética (a qual começou no ano 610 AD, quando recebeu a primeira revelação de Alá por intermédio do arcanjo Gabriel - revelação registada no 96º capítulo do Corão) para que os muçulmanos soubessem como rezar.»
Leia todo o capítulo em O Corão Comentado. Leia o texto original em inglês em Jihad Watch.


A decapitação no islão

Já aqui fizemos referência, por mais de uma vez, à hedionda prática da lapidação, corrente ainda hoje no islão, e fundamentada no Corão e na Suná. Falemos agora de uma outra prática, não menos violenta e igualmente hedionda: a decapitação. Note-se que esta prática nos diz respeito - àqueles que não estão dispostos a aceitar a soberania do islão, muito menos a converter-se -, muito directamente, uma vez que se destina a punir os infiéis. Para isso, remeto para o artigo de Timothy R. Furnish, Beheading in the Name of Islam, publicado na edição da Primavera de 2005 da Middle East Quarterly, entre as páginas 51 e 57, do qual farei aqui extensas citações. O que este texto demonstra, quanto a mim, para lá de qualquer dúvida, é que a prática da decapitação está fortemente enraizada na história do islão, desde os tempos e com base na prática de Mafoma, seu fundador; e que a prática tem fundamentos corânicos. Uma nota para uma passagem do texto que diz respeito à história de Al-Andalus, tantas vezes apresentada de forma idealizada, logo no segundo parágrafo no qual se aborda a decapitação pela perspectiva histórica.

Beheading in the Name of Islam

Images of masked terrorists standing behind Western hostages in Iraq and Saudi Arabia have become all too common on Arabic satellite stations such as Al-Jazeera and Al-Manar. Islamist websites such as Muntadiyat al-Mahdi[1] go further, streaming video of their murder.

The February 2002 decapitation of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, true to its intention, horrified the Western audience (...). The Pearl murder and video catalyzed the resurgence of this historical Islamic practice. In Iraq, terrorists filmed the beheadings of Americans Nicholas Berg, Jack Hensley, and Eugene Armstrong. Other victims include Turks, an Egyptian, a Korean, Bulgarians, a British businessman, and a Nepalese. Scores of Iraqis, both Kurds and Arabs, have also fallen victim to Islamist terrorists' knives. The new fad in terrorist brutality has extended to Saudi Arabia where Islamist terrorists murdered American businessman Paul Johnson, whose head was later discovered in a freezer in an Al-Qaeda hideout. A variation upon this theme would be the practice of Islamists slitting the throats of those opponents they label infidels. This is what happened to Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, first gunned down and then mutilated on an Amsterdam street,[3] and to an Egyptian Coptic family in New Jersey after the father had angered Islamists with Internet chat room criticisms of Islam.[4]

The purpose of terrorism is to strike fear into the hearts of opponents in order to win political concession. As the shock value wears off and the Western world becomes immunized to any particular tactic, terrorists develop new ones in order to maximize shock and the press reaction upon which they thrive. (...) Decapitation has become the latest fashion. (...) Unlike hijackings and car bombs, ritual beheading has a long precedent in Islamic theology and history.

Apologetics and Reality

Some American commentators say that Islamist decapitations are intended as psychological warfare and devoid of any true Islamic content. Imam Muhammad Adam al-Sheikh, head of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, for example, claimed incorrectly that "beheadings are not mentioned in the Koran at all."[5] Asma Afsaruddin, an associate professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Notre Dame, also misrepresented Islamic theology and history when she told a reporter, "There is absolutely no religious imperative for this."[6] The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as well as the American Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee (ADC) have both signed on to a statement that such killings "did not represent the tenets of Islam."[7] Sam Hamod, former director of the Islamic Center in Washington, D.C., claimed that the Qur'anic passage on beheading unbelievers did not actually mean that people should be killed.[8] Such fulminations have had an effect: the Western news media has, perhaps as a result of political correctness or its own bias, twisted the reality of Islamic history and propagated such revisionism. With such apologetics, Western academics either display basic ignorance of their fields or purposely mislead. The intelligentsia's denial of any religious roots to the recent spate of decapitation has parallels in the logical back flips and kid-glove treatments in which many professors engaged in order to deny a religious basis for violent jihad.[9] Afsaruddin and Hamod aside, Islamists justify murder and decapitation with both theological citations and historical precedent.

Decapitation in Islamic Theology

Groups such as Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi's Al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad (Unity and Jihad) and Abu 'Abd Allah al-Hasan bin Mahmud's Ansar al-Sunna (Defenders of [Prophetic] Tradition)[10] justify the decapitation of prisoners with Qur'anic scripture. Sura (chapter) 47 contains the ayah (verse): "When you encounter the unbelievers on the battlefield, strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely; then bind the prisoners tightly."[11] The Qur'anic Arabic terms are generally straightforward: kafaru means "those who blaspheme/are irreligious," although Darb ar-riqab is less clear. Darb can mean "striking or hitting" while ar-riqab translates to "necks, slaves, persons." With little variation, scholars have translated the verse as, "When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks."[12]

For centuries, leading Islamic scholars have interpreted this verse literally. The famous Iranian historian and Qur'an commentator Muhammad b. Jarir at-Tabari (d. 923 C.E.) wrote that "striking at the necks" is simply God's sanction of ferocious opposition to non-Muslims.[13] Mahmud b. Umar az-Zamakhshari (d. 1143 C.E.), in a major commentary studied for centuries by Sunni religious scholars, suggested that any prescription to "strike at the necks" commands to avoid striking elsewhere so as to confirm death and not simply wound.[14]

Many recent interpretations remain consistent with those of a millennium ago. In his Saudi-distributed translation of the Qur'an, 'Abdullah Yusuf 'Ali (d. 1953) wrote that the injunction to "smite at their necks," should be taken both literally and figuratively. "You cannot wage war with kid gloves," Yusuf 'Ali argued.[15] Muhammad Muhammad Khatib, in a modern Sunni commentary bearing the imprimatur of Al-Azhar university in Cairo, says that while traditionalist Muslims tend to see this passage as only applying to the Prophet's time, Shi'ites "think it is a universal precept."[16] Ironically, then in this view, Zarqawi has adopted the exegesis of his religious nemeses. Perhaps the most influential modern recapitulation of this passage was provided by the influential Pakistani scholar and leading Islamist thinker S. Abul A' la Mawdudi (d. 1979), who argued that the sura provided the first Qur'anic prescriptions on the laws of war. Mawdudi argued

Under no circumstances should the Muslim lose sight of this aim and start taking the enemy soldiers as captives. Captives should be taken after the enemy has been completely crushed.[17]

Accordingly, for soldiers of Islam, victory should be the only consideration. Status of prisoners of war was open to interpretation. Mawdudi maintained that the verse did not clearly forbid execution of prisoners but that "the Holy Prophet understood this intention of Allah's command, and that if there was a special reason for which the ruler of an Islamic government regarded it as necessary to kill a particular prisoner (or prisoners), he could do so."[18] As do many Islamists, Mawdudi cited historical examples of the Prophet Muhammad ordering the execution of prisoners, such as some Meccans captured at the Battle of Badr in 624 C.E. and at least one Meccan seized at the Battle of Uhud in the following year. While such examples do not directly address decapitation, they do allow for murder of prisoners-of-war. Mawdudi's interpretation, though, does not sanction the execution of hostages. Only the government, and not individual Muslim soldiers, could determine the fate of captives.[19]

Another, albeit less-frequently, cited Qur'anic passage also sanctions beheadings of non-Muslims. Sura 8:12 reads: "I will cast dread into the hearts of the unbelievers. Strike off their heads, then, and strike off all of their fingertips." In the original text, the relevant phrase is adrabu fawq al-'anaq, "strike over their necks." This verse is, then, a corollary to Sura 47:3. Yusuf 'Ali is one of the few modern commentators who addresses this passage, interpreting it as utilitarian: the neck is among the only areas not protected by armor, and mutilating an opponent's hands prevents him from again wielding his sword or spear.[20] The point of this opening phrase—to "cast dread" or, as some translations have it, "instill terror"—has now been adopted by Islamist terrorists to justify decapitation of hostages.

Decapitation in Islamic History

While some Islamists might justify murder of prisoners on Qur'anic prescription, others reinforce their conclusions by drawing analogies to events during the almost 1,400 years of Islamic history. Here beheading of captives is a recurring theme. Both Islamic regimes and their opposition have utilized beheadings as both military and judicial policy.

The practice of beheading non-Muslim captives extends back to the Prophet himself. Ibn Ishaq (d. 768 C.E.), the earliest biographer of Muhammad, is recorded as saying that the Prophet ordered the execution by decapitation of 700 men of the Jewish Banu Qurayza tribe in Medina for allegedly plotting against him.[21] Islamic leaders from Muhammad's time until today have followed his model. Examples of decapitation, of both the living and the dead, in Islamic history are myriad. Yusuf b. Tashfin (d. 1106) led the Al-Murabit (Almoravid) Empire to conquer from western Sahara to central Spain. After the battle of Zallaqa in 1086, he had 24,000 corpses of the defeated Castilians beheaded "and piled them up to make a sort of minaret for the muezzins who, standing on the piles of headless cadavers, sang the praises of Allah."[22] He then had the detached heads sent to all the major cities of North Africa and Spain as an example of Christian impotence. The Al-Murabits were conquered the following century by the Al-Muwahhids (Almohads), under whose rule Castilian Christian enemies were beheaded after any lost battles.

The Ottoman Empire was the decapitation state par excellence. Upon the Ottoman victory over Christian Serbs at the battle of Kosovo in 1389, the Muslim army beheaded the Serbian king and scores of Christian prisoners. At the battle of Varna in 1444, the Ottomans beheaded King Ladislaus of Hungary and "put his head at the tip of a long pike … and brandished it toward the Poles and Hungarians." Upon the fall of Constantinople, the Ottomans sent the head of the dead Byzantine emperor on tour to major cities in the sultan's domains. The Ottomans even beheaded at least one Eastern Orthodox patriarch. In 1456, the sultan allowed the grand mufti of the empire to personally decapitate King Stephen of Bosnia and his sons—even though they had surrendered and, seven decades later, the sultan ordered 2,000 Hungarian prisoners beheaded. In the early nineteenth century, even the British fell victim to the Ottoman scimitar. An 1807 British expedition to Egypt resulted in "a few hundred spiked British heads left rotting in the sun outside Rosetta."[23]

Decapitation has also been quite common among Muslims whenever orthodoxy confronts Mahdist movements. According to Islamic tradition, the Mahdi, or "rightly-guided one" will come before the end of time to usher in a worldwide, perfect Islamic state. Every few generations, a charismatic leader emerges claiming to be the Mahdi. Since the Mahdi is the harbinger of just government, then any leader he challenges is by nature corrupt. The fervor of such claims often leads both the orthodoxy and the Mahdists to label the other unbelievers, allowing them to invoke Qur'anic verse 47:3 and behead captives.


Beheading has particular prominence in Saudi Arabia. In 2003 alone, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia beheaded more than fifty people.[30] This number included both Muslim and non-Muslim workers. Over the past two decades, the Saudis have decapitated at least 1,100 for alleged crimes ranging from drug running to witchcraft and apostasy.[31] The Saudi government not only uses beheadings to punish criminals but also to terrorize potential opponents. (...) While outsiders may consider the Saudi practice barbaric, most Saudi executions are swift, completed in one sword blow. Zarqawi and his followers have chosen a slow, torturous sawing method to terrorize the Western audience.

All these various justifications contribute to the rash of beheadings in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. Because Zarqawi and his followers consider the Iraqi and Saudi governments to be illegitimate, they find no injunction within Islamic law that would prohibit execution of prisoners. Indeed, Zarqawi has commented that he would "accept comments from ulema regarding whether his killing operations are permitted or forbidden according to Islam—provided that the ulema are not connected to a regime and are offering opinions out of personal conviction, and not to please their rulers"[33] Islamist beheadings may be condemned by the imam of the great mosque of Mecca and by religious leaders in Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon,[34] but like self-styled mahdis throughout Islamic history, Zarqawi and Islamist terrorists simply dismiss these fatwas (religious rulings) as empty rhetoric from lackey regimes. Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda is also on record as supporting beheadings, including that of at least one Egyptian worker in Iraq whom they classified as a "nonbeliever" by virtue of his citizenship in an apostate regime, as well as his presumed approval of the U.S. actions in Iraq.[35] Increasingly, Islamist groups conflate "unbelievers," "combatants," and prisoners of war, which, coupled with their claim to Islamic legitimacy, provides them with a license to decapitate.


Islamic civilization is not a historical anomaly in its sanction of decapitation.[36] The Roman Empire beheaded citizens (such as the Christian Saint Paul) while they crucified noncitizens (such as Jesus Christ). French revolutionaries employed the guillotine to decapitate opponents. Nevertheless, Islam is the only major world religion today that is cited by both state and non-state actors to legitimize beheadings. And two major aspects of decapitation in an Islamic context should be noted: first, the practice has both Qur'anic and historical sanction. It is not the product of a fabricated tradition. Second, in contradiction to the assertions of apologists, both Muslim and non-Muslim, these beheadings are not simply a brutal method of drawing attention to the Islamist political agenda and weakening opponents' will to fight. Zarqawi and other Islamists who practice decapitation believe that God has ordained them to obliterate their enemies in this manner. Islam is, for this determined minority of Muslims, anything but a "religion of peace." It is, rather, a religion of the sword with the blade forever at the throat of the unbeliever.

Timothy Furnish is assistant professor of history at Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta.

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[Addendum: acrescento esta fotografia cuja legenda diz o seguinte: «Em 1480, um exército muçulmano comandado por Mohammed II tomou a cidade Otranto, no sul de Itália. Dos 22000 habitantes capturados pelos muçulmanos, 12000 mil foram amarrados e torturados fora das portas da cidade. Os muçulmanos mataram ainda todos os padres que conseguiram encontrar. Numa colina perto da cidade, ainda hoje conhecida como Colina dos Mártires, decapitaram pelo menos 800 habitantes que recusaram converter-se ao islão, entre os quais o Bispo da cidade. Ao fim de um ano os invasores muçulmanos foram expulsos de Otranto, e quando os libertadores cristãos encontraram os corpos decapitados fora dos limites da cidade, construíram jazigos para os corpos decepados, atrás de paredes de vidro, no altar da catedral da cidade, onde ainda hoje podem ser vistos.» Retirada daqui, via Vlad Tepes.]

Decapitação do norte-americano Nicholas Berg, mencionado logo no início do artigo.

Atenção: as imagens são extremamente violentas.


Eurábia: antevisão (5)

Mais imagens da tomada das ruas de Paris pelos muçulmanos, metonímia para a tomada da Europa. Um povo, uma língua, uma lei, uma religião, uma polícia: uma nação - a umá. Destaque, por volta dos 6:50 minutos - não fazendo caso das ameaças, mais ou menos claras, à integridade física do realizador do video -, para a seguinte altercação:
«É proibido por quem?» «Por nós mesmos, cavalheiro, por nós mesmos.»
Via Vlad Tepes.

Infanticídio impune ao abrigo da lei do aborto

Uma história de arrepiar, bem ilustrativa do ponto de decadência a que as sociedades ocidentais ditas civilizadas chegaram, para aí empurradas por décadas de revolução cultural, sexual, etc., como se pode perceber vendo o video sobre a história do politicamente correcto publicado em postal anterior. Uma mulher asfixiou o seu filho recém-nascido no estado da Virgínia, EUA. Não será acusada de homicídio porque o bebé ainda estava ligado ao seu corpo pelo cordão umbilical. À luz da lei vigente naquele estado, a qual ainda não foi revista devido ao lobby do aborto, enquanto o bebé estiver ligado à mãe pelo cordão umbilical é considerado corpo da mãe. A isto há quem chame progresso, o que não deixa de ter piada, porque no império romano, ao que julgo saber, as crianças só se tornavam pessoas de direito aos seis anos de idade; até lá, estavam à mercê da vontade do pai, que as podia matar sem violar qualquer lei humana. Como dizia uma amiga há alguns dias, "nada disto é novo".


Blogando o Corão: Introdução (excerto)

Blogando o Corão: Introdução «Para perceber os propósitos e os objectivos dos terroristas islâmicos da jihad, uma boa forma de começar talvez seja explorar o que eles próprios dizem acerca das razões por que fazem o que fazem e o que pretendem. Isto levar-nos-á ao Corão, o livro sagrado do islão. O jihadistas citam-no frequentemente e apresentam-se como aqueles que seguem o "verdadeiro islão", a genuína doutrina, tal como é ensinada no Corão e na tradição islâmica. Daí que, no decurso do meu trabalho de elucidação quanto aos objectivos dos jihadistas, tenho vindo a citar o Corão inúmeras vezes - e não há dia em que eu não seja acusado de "seleccionar falaciosamente" passagens violentes e de as citar "fora do seu contexto". Entretanto, o Council on American Islamic Relations e outras organizações islâmicas afirmam que, de modo a compreender a verdadeira e pacífica natureza do islão, devemos ler o Corão. (...)»
Leia todo o capítulo em O Corão Comentado. Leia o original em inglês em Jihad Watch.

Corão comentado

Inicio hoje uma empresa que venho adiando, dada a sua magnitude, mas que se me vinha impondo: a tradução para português da leitura e comentário ao Corão que Robert Spencer publicou no Jihad Watch entre Maio de 2007 e Dezembro de 2008. Julgo que para compreender o islão, a sua expansão imparável nas primeiras décadas após o seu surgimento por toda a bacia do Mediterrâneo, pelo Médio Oriente, pelo subcontinente indiano, por África; para perceber as políticas de segregação dos crentes de outras fés e dos não-crentes; para não ficar confuso perante a violência cometida, desde os seus alvores, sem cessar, até hoje; para não estranhar a persistência do esclavagismo em toda a história do islão; em suma: para olhar o islão de frente e não através das lentes deformadoras que as elites progressistas pretendem colocar entre nós e o islão, a leitura do Corão, acompanhada de notas críticas sobre o seu contexto e de comentários sobre a forma pela qual alguns versículos têm influenciado o comportamento dos muçulmanos mais fervorosos, é absolutamente indispensável. Para o efeito, criei um blogue exclusivamente com o propósito de lá publicar a tradução da referida série de postais. Lá disponibilizo ligações para diversas traduções do Corão e para outras fontes islâmicas, nomeadamente as ahadith. Os capítulos publicados serão aqui publicados parcialmente. Espero que vos seja de proveito.

Lapidação: homem executado na Somália - addendum

Leitor amigo tratou de me enviar o video mencionado em anterior postal, que publico infra. Os meus agradecimentos.

Correndo o risco de ser repetitivo, volto a citar-me:

«Recordo que a lapidação é o castigo aplicado aos adúlteros no Islão, de acordo com as prescrições recolhidas nas ahadith, ou seja, nos relatos dos ditos e feitos do profeta Mafoma. A prescrição corânica determina a flagelação com cem vergastadas (Corão 24,2), mas a hadith de Sahih al-Bukhari (Volume 8, Livro 82, Versículo 816) relata o seu uso na presença e com a aprovação de Mafoma, e deplora o risco da sua aplicação cair em desuso, dado que nenhum versículo corânico a prescreve, exortando os muçulmanos a zelar pela continuidade da sua aplicação.»


Os minaretes e o adhan

Uma das funções dos minaretes - para além do que representam política e culturalmente, o domínio do islão -, é servir de lugar para o chamamento à oração (salah), o adhan. Feito tradicionalmente pelo muezzin do topo do minarete, hoje o adhan é entoado com o auxílio de sistemas de amplificação de som ou difundido por meios exclusivamente electrónicos. O adhan é uma prática islâmica anterior à construção de minaretes, remontando ao início do islão, ao contrário das polémicas edificações que são posteriores à morte do profeta Mafoma. Ambas as tradições islâmicas têm impacto no espaço público: uma impacto visual; outra sonoro. Não faz qualquer sentido, do ponto de vista da liberdade religiosa, da liberdade de culto e da presença da religião no espaço público, permitir a construção de minaretes e proibir a difusão do adhan. O que se torna necessário é que cada cidadão perceba o impacto que o islão já tem na sociedade europeia e até que ponto estamos dispostos a permitir que a liberdade religiosa, não reciprocamente aplicada, permita a instituição de estados islâmicos de facto, num primeiro momento, de jure, quando o número de muçulmanos for suficiente para forçar mudanças legislativas, inclusive constitucionais ou, caso essa via falhe, leve à secessão das áreas maioritariamente islâmicas dos países europeus. Isto já aconteceu no subcontinente indiano, região onde os domínios coloniais britânicos deram origem à criação de dois estados, constituídos de acordo com linhas de separação religiosa, a União Indiana, de maioria hindu, e o Paquistão, de maioria muçulmana, dividido em Paquistão Ocidental e Oriental, o qual se veio a tornar independente dando origem ao Bangladesh. Mais recentemente, assistimos à secessão do Cosovo, parte integrante do território sérvio e região culturalmente importante para os sérvios, com o apoio activo da U(RSS)E e dos EUA. Ocorre em diversos países de África, por vezes dando origem a sangrentas guerras civis, assim como nas Filipinas e na Tailândia. Podemos também considerar as chamadas no go areas - zonas de cidades europeias onde o poder de facto já não pertence às autoridades dos respectivos países, mas à umá, onde a sharia é lei (e.g. Marselha, Rosenborg) -, como áreas em situação de pré-secessão. Vem isto a propósito de um par de notícias que dão conta das pretensões muçulmanas de emitir o adhan em diversas mesquitas na Europa, ou deveria dizer Eurábia? Uma vez soa bem, e até se pode ouvir mais vezes; mas agora multiplique por 5 - de madrugada (antes das 5 horas), ao meio-dia, a meio da tarde, ao pôr-do-sol e à noite (antes da meia-noite)-; multiplique ainda pelo número de mesquitas à volta, cada um emitindo o seu, e acredite: é uma cacofonia insuportável, sem o charme das primeiras audições. Basta ver a reacção dos europeus que são submetidos a semelhante tratamento. Alguns invocam as leis do ruído como instrumento para moderar o fervor sonoro muçulmano. Esquecem-se que as leis dos kuffar (infiéis) não prevalecem perante a sharia, única lei, baseada no Corão e na Suná.

Lapidação: homem executado na Somália

De acordo com vários blogues anti-islamização, um homem foi lapidado por adultério, como prevê a sharia, lei islâmica baseada no Corão e na Suná, conforme texto infra, já publicado noutro postal.
«Recordo que a lapidação é o castigo aplicado aos adúlteros no Islão, de acordo com as prescrições recolhidas nas ahadith, ou seja, nos relatos dos ditos e feitos do profeta Mafoma. A prescrição corânica determina a flagelação com cem vergastadas (Alcorão 24,2), mas a hadith de Sahih al-Bukhari (Volume 8, Livro 82, Versículo 816) relata o seu uso na presença e com a aprovação de Mafoma, e deplora o risco da sua aplicação cair em desuso, dado que nenhum versículo alcorânico a prescreve, exortando os muçulmanos a zelar pela continuidade da sua aplicação.»
Via La Yijad en Eurabia, chego a estas fotografias, do site Infobae.com:
Na página da Infobae.com encontra-se um video onde se pode ver uma mulher a ser vergastada, homens em fila aguardando a sua vez para participar nessa execução de pena; pode ver-se o que parece ser a lapidação mencionada e ainda o que parece ser uma execução a tiro. Infelizmente, não consigo fazer download do video, não consigo publicá-lo aqui, nem tão-pouco fazer uma hiperligação para as imagens. Se algum leitor compadecido da minha inépcia tecnológica me pudesse ajudar a gravar o video para o puder publicar, eu e os restantes leitores ficaríamos muito agradecidos.
Addendum: leitor amigo tratou de me enviar o video que publico infra em postal à parte. Os meus agradecimentos.


Uma voz do interior do islão: Wafa Sultan

Mais uma apóstata, síria de nascimento, também radicada nos EUA, onde vive sob protecção policial devido às inúmeras ameaças de morte que recebe, Wafa Sultan de nome, também fundadora do Former Muslims United. Primeiro, o video que a projectou para o primeiro plano da luta contra o islão. De seguida, uma entrevista legendada em castelhano, via La Yijad en Eurabia. Após a visualização de qualquer um dos videos, o YouTube apresenta inúmeros videos relacionados através dos quais se podem encontrar mais entrevistas e depoimentos de Sultan.


Um crucifixo no blogue

Associo-me à campanha, de que tive conhecimento via La Yijad en Eurabia, e coloco um crucifixo no meu blogue. Faça o mesmo no seu.

Jennings investigado

Jim Hoft investiga no Big Government o caso de Kevin Jennings, o Safe Schools Czar nomeado por Obama - sobre quem já aqui falámos -, e desenvolve o já chamado Fistgate, por razões evidentes. A investigação pode ser lida através das hiperligações para os artigos sobre o caso que se encontram neste postal, aos que se acrescenta um outro, publicado posteriormente. Deixo, como introdução à investigação, o artigo de Doug Giles, publicado no Town Hall, através do qual voltei a este caso.
«Man, am I about to sound like an uncool, homophobic, bigoted zealot who should be on a terror watch list (according to the paranormal progressives). Why is that, you ask? Well, I think Obama’s G-boy, Kevin Jennings, should not be the Safe Schools Czar for many egregious reasons. Here are just a few.

I believe anyone who thinks it’s okay to teach 14-year-old boys how they can jam their fist up another 14-year-old boy’s tailpipe, or provides “fisting” kits for the kiddos, or thinks it’s neat-o to urinate on one another during teen sex, or passes out literature to your young ones on how they can find old pedophiles to hook up with at “gay leather bars,” or talks to your teen about the tricky pros and cons of spitting versus swallowing should not be the Safe Schools Czar.

Maybe Kevin Jennings could be the “Adam Lambert Eye Liner Czar” or Cher’s “Do You Believe in Life After Love Czar,” but not the Safe Schools Czar. But then again, there I go being extreme. Shame on me for not being a hip parent who’s totally cool with adult flamers filling our fifth grade kids’ heads with filth. I am truly an ignorant, puritanical, buckle-shoed killjoy, ain’t I? By the way, what the heck is up with liberals? They have their hands in our pockets, their noses in our business, and now they want their arms up our backsides.

How crazy of me that I would have the audacity to go public with the notion that someone who headed up an organization (GLSEN) that proselytizes confused kids on how they can insert their knuckles up someone else’s anus should not be the determiner of what is “safe” at school, eh? Hello!

Hey, Kev… last time I checked, trying to make your mate a hand puppet didn’t fall within the city limits of SafetyTown. Sounds kinda dangerous to me. Oh and here’s an aside for the butt pirates: Our rectums are an exit, not an entrance.

In addition, Mr. Jennings, apart from the “arm in arse” thing, from what I remember during 9th grade health class many moons ago, it’s also not wise to place one’s reproductive organ in the end of another’s digestive system.

A fist up a rectum? Are you kidding me? You guys sound like you have way too much time on your hands. If you’re in need of an idea regarding what to do with your fist, here’s one: Why don’t take your fist and smack yourself in the face with it for poisoning America’s kids with your perverted crap?

For those not in the know, Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings, who was cherry picked by Obama, is not having a good week as whistleblowers are righteously shouting this guy down and trying to get him removed from calling the shots regarding what is nontoxic in your kids’ scholastic lives.

Why are watchdogs barking this dude down? Well, it’s not because he’s mildly gay but because he’s wildly militant in his homosexuality, and both he and his hombres at GLSEN have had no problemo whatsoever filling your kids’ heads and bodies with weirdness galore. For the unbelievable full list of what this man and his organization have advocated and continue to advocate, check out the fantastic work Jim Holt has done on “FistGate” at BigGovernment.com. Also, don’t miss Jennings/GLSEN’s “Little Black Book” for your sons! Hellish.

I’ve gotta warn you, mom and dad: What you’re about to read regarding “FistGate” is very sick and twisted. You’d better brace yourselves. I hope it thoroughly ticks you off that such baseness is being peddled to your babies. In addition, I hope you raise major hell with your elected reps about permanently removing Jennings from anything that has to do with your children and our schools.»

Uma voz do interior do islão: Nonie Darwish

Nonie Darwish é uma mulher corajosa, como qualquer apóstata do islão. Conhecedora profunda do que é o islão, arrisca a sua vida e a dos seus familiares diariamente falando em público - quando lho permitem -, dando entrevistas, escrevendo livros, participando em debates. No âmbito da sua actividade pública, é de assinalar também o seu papel como fundadora do sítio Former Muslims United. Aqui fica a ligação para uma entrevista. Aqui deixo o registo audio de uma entrevista a um showtalk de uma rádio americana. Atente-se, nos clips 3 e 4, na intervenção de um ouvinte que, a dada altura, parece um mujahid em missão. Refiro-me, para além do facto de misturar pontos válidos para o debate com outros talhados para lançar a confusão, ao momento no qual alguém parece trocar impressões com o ouvinte (ouve-se a palavra zakat), embora, no final do 5º clip, se identifique como judeu. Via Occidental Soapbox.


Conformidade com a sharia X b)

Mais pormenores sobre os problemas laborais que Mikel Aziz, guarda-freios em Amsterdão, enfrenta por insistir em usar uma corrente com uma cruz pendente sobre a sua farda, via Bivouac-ID.
«Amsterdam, 8 décembre - Mickel Aziz, chauffeur de tram hollandais d’origine copte est désespéré. Il vient d’être mis à pied deux fois par la Régie des trams d’Amsterdam (GVB) parce qu’il porte une croix en pendentif. La régie a dernièrement fait fabriquer spécialement pour ses employées musulmanes un foulard aux couleurs de la régie Il ne comprend pas, d’autant que ses collègues musulmanes de sexe féminin ont, elles, le droit de porter un foulard. La GVB a même dernièrement fait fabriquer spécialement pour elles un foulard aux couleurs de la régie. Quand il a demandé des explications, on lui a répondu que :
1. il ne s’agit pas de la croix, mais les chauffeurs ne sont pas autorisés à porter un bijou car cela nuit à l’image professionnelle de la régie, 2. les chrétiens ne sont pas obligés de porter une croix alors que les employées musulmanes doivent selon le Coran porter un foulard.
M. Aziz est perplexe. Il explique qu’il porte sa croix depuis plus de 20 ans. Jusqu’à il y a quelques années, les foulards n’étaient pas autorises au travail, mais sa croix l’était. Et c’est maintenant le contraire. De plus, la GVB lui a dit que sa mise à pied était aussi motivée par les propos “islamophobes” qu’il aurait tenus dans une lettre qu’il avait envoyée à la régie. Dans celle-ci, il reprochait à la régie de céder devant la pression musulmane à cause d’une certaine peur. Il expliquait à la régie qu’étant arabophone, il entendait les propos de ses collègues musulmans et que ces propos n’étaient pas tendres pour les Occidentaux. En désespoir de cause, M. Aziz, qui a 56 ans et qui est venu en Hollande en 1982 pour fuir les persécutions religieuses en Égypte, s’est adressé aux reporters de Netwerk, une émission d’actualités quotidiennes de la deuxième chaîne publique, émission très regardée en Hollande et qui a souvent contribué à résoudre les cas présentés aux téléspectateurs. Depuis, son cas est devenu public. Un conseiller municipal VVD (parti libéral) et un conseiller municipal ChristenUnie (parti chrétien protestant plus à droite que les Chretiens-Démocrates) d’Amsterdam ont demandé des explications à la régie et vont porter le cas devant le conseil municipal du 16 décembre. Revers de la médaille de la médiatisation de son cas, M Aziz s’est vu informer par la Régie que s’il parlait encore de son cas dans un média, il serait définitivement licencié. Monsieur Aziz a porté son cas devant le tribunal administratif d’Amsterdam et le jugement est attendu lundi prochain. S’il ne gagnait pas, M. Aziz a dit qu’il perdrait toute confiance dans la démocratie hollandaise, pays chrétien où il était venu pour fuir les persécutions religieuses de son pays.
«Mikel Aziz mostra o objecto do delito» (Legenda Bivouac-ID)
Notável: ao fim de 27 anos a viver na Holanda, país onde se refugiou devido à perseguição que os muçulmanos egípcios movem aos cristãos coptas, volta a ser perseguido, já não pelos muçulmanos, mas por uma empresa holandesa dhimmizada, ou seja, que, não sendo muçulmana, aceita a soberania islâmica, actua de acordo com a sharia e a impõe na sua esfera de influência.