Egípcios atacam embaixada de Israel

Os leitores deste blogue percebem por que acontecem coisas destas: a permanente demonização do judeu na cultura mediática egípcia, respaldada no anti-semitismo islâmico, leva a que os mais zelosos dos muçulmanos queiram fazer justiça pelas suas próprias mãos, especialmente depois de um inflamado sermão de 6ª feira!

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"Egyptians tear down Israel Embassy's security wall," by Aya Batrawy for Associated Press, September 9
CAIRO (AP) — Hundreds of Egyptian protesters, some swinging hammers and others using their bare hands, tore down parts of a graffiti-covered security wall outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo on Friday. Thousands elsewhere protested for the first time in a month against the country's military rulers....

Outside the Israeli Embassy, protesters for the second time in less than a month pulled down the Israeli flag from atop the 21-story building.

Egyptian security forces did not intervene as crowds climbed up the embassy's security wall, pummeling it with sledge hammers and tearing away large sections of the cement and metal barrier, which was recently put up to better protect the property from protests....

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