«Sionistas responsáveis pelas duas grandes guerras»

Que pena estas iluminadoras palavras não terem sido pronunciadas na entrevista à RTP. Que orgulho sentiria a jornalista e os responsáveis da estação por serem veículo destas revelações tão esclarecedoras.

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"Ahmadinejad: Zionists started both world wars," by Yitzhak Benhorin for YNet News, September 14:

WASHINGTON – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Israel of perpetuating terror, and blamed the "Zionist regime" for starting both the first and second world wars.
"The Zionist regime is always doing the same thing. They destroy people’s homes and raze them to the ground," Ahmadinejad told the Washington Post on Tuesday. "They have created a few major wars. They continue to assassinate and terrorize people; they continue their policy of coercion against other nations, including Iran."
Dubbing Zionism "A dreadful party, a feared party," Ahmadinejad claimed that the movement "was behind the First World War and the Second World War. Whenever there is a conflict or war — this party is behind it."...
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