Ayaan Hirsi Ali avisa os noruegueses: ou os muçulmanos se integram, ou haverá guerras civis na Europa

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali just made a brief visit to Oslo, Norway. She warns that unless Muslims are assimilated successfully into European societies, Western Europe will face Multicultural civil wars in a few years:Read more at vladtepesblog.com

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Loga'Abdullah disse...

Although it is from last year, I think you may find this book review useful. The author comes from a Muslim perspective and reviews her works. The link is here ... it is good to hear other opinions and ideas.


Hope you find it interesting.

Luís Cardoso disse...

Dear Loga,

Thanks for you visit and your comment.

It is, indeed, good to read other person's opinion. Have you been reading our posts, the news we mention and its Islamic theological connections which we try to point out?

Have you found any error between, for instance, lapidation of adulterers and the ahadith? Or killing the apostates and the teachings of the Koran?

We have read several hundred paragraphs of your Islamic doctrine and history, and found it quite disturbing because we came to understand why so many Muslims are blowing themselves up and taking so many innocent lives in the process: it's all there: if you decide to be a zealous Muslim, you may (I stress may) well end up doing just that, not out of madness and fanaticism, but out of religious fervour. Much unlike we Christians: if we follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we would end up loving our enemies and giving the other cheek. And even allowing other peoples to come among us and practice their religions in peace, unlike non-Muslims in so many Muslim countries.

We are even encouraged by the Prophet Paul to learns about other religions and to read their books and take from them whatever good we may find.
Is it the same within Islam? Are you encouraged to read the Bible? Have you ever read it?

The more I read about Islam and the more I see what it makes people do, the more I find myself convinced that Islam is Satan's best accomplished work, because it makes people do Satan's will, convincing them that their doing God's will.
I'm sorry if this offends you, but I'm being completely honest.

By the way: you are aware that I would be put to death because of what I just wrote about Islam if I was living in an Islamic sharia abiding state, aren't you?

Concerning Hirsi Ali's phrase I've quoted, do you have any comment?
Isn't that just what happens when a Muslim community gets to a certain numerical weight: it starts to make more and more demands, leading to secession or to civil war, or both?

Let me finish asking you to pray for me and my fellow Christians as I pray daily for Muslims, and I will start today praying for you.

May God lead our steps, give us peace and deliver us from Evil.

Best wishes,