Bélgica: 6% da população é muçulmana

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Belgium: 6% Muslims, growth static
Sociologist Jan Hertogen estimates that Belgium has 623,780 Muslims (NL), or 5.8% of the population. This is much higher than the official figure of 400,000, but slightly less than Hertogen's estimate for 2008 (NL): 628,751.

Hertogen's projects are used by the American Pew Forum, which specialize in religious demographics. The Muslim community in Belgium is very urban. Muslims make up 22% of the residents of Brussels (compared with 25.5% in 2008). In Antwerp there are 81,933 Muslims, in Liège 28,341 and in Charleroi 25,962. 
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FireHead disse...

Aos poucos eles vão-se tornando muitos aqui na Europa e poderão finalmente concretizar o que sempre sonharam: proclamar a Eurábia. Tudo com a condescendência dos povos europeus cada vez menos cristãos e mais seculares, hedonistas, agnósticos e ateus...