Peter Maxwell Davies e o pacifismo aliado da tirania

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Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (Photo: David Rose)
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (Photo: David Rose)
Sir Peter Maxwell Davies has declared that he will no longer wear a poppy or attend Remembrance Day ceremonies honouring the wear dead because doing so would “legitimise” the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Master of the Queen’s Music insists that he doesn’t intend any disrespect to our war dead. But his misrepresentation of our national commemoration does indeed insult the fallen – and it insults the Queen, too, who wore a poppy this morning as she laid a wreath at the Cenotaph. “Max” is entitled to hold any opinion he likes: thanks to those who gave their lives for freedom, no one will arrest him for his attempt to politicise Remembrance Sunday. But there’s a sharp dissonance between his attention-seeking remarks – which, whether he admits it or not, claim moral superiority over the Queen – and the Royal office he holds. So he should resign it.
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