Tirolês multado por ofender muçulmanos com cantos tradicionais

Segundo a notícia, os muçulmanos, que estavam no pátio a ouvir a transmissão de uma cerimónia religiosa.
O juiz concordou com os ofendidos.
Sharia e dhimmitude.

Styria: Yodeler Fined 800 Euros
November 27, 2010

Why is a blameless 63-year old retiree who yodeled while cutting his grass fined 800 Euros, you ask? Right: Muslims perceived the yodeling of Helmut G. to be an insult to their religious feelings. They complained to the court — and received justice.

The Austria KRONE online reports on an incredible judicial scandal. Helmut G. was busy on Friday afternoon, mowing his grass. “And because I was just in such a good mood, I yodeled along with it and sang a few songs,” says the retiree, speaking to the Styrian Crown. That was not all right with his neighbors — believing Muslims. They had gathered in their house at prayer hour, which was also broadcast into their yard by loudspeaker.

“Wasn’t Trying to Sound Like the Muezzin”
Consequently, several of them felt disturbed in their religious exercises by the grass-mowing 63-year old — and promptly reported him to the police. “In the statement it said that my yodeling sounded like the call of the muezzin,” Helmut G. shook his head, bewildered. “It was definitely not my intention to imitate him,” the Graz native assures us.

The court did not believe him and sentenced him to a fat fine. On Friday, the correlating confirmation trickled in. Helmut G.: “The Muslims pay no attention to any rules. We neighbors constantly have problems…”

Yeah, that’s how it is in Europe in the 21st century. Even yodeling retirees will gradually have to get used to it.
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