Coptas temem ascensão de islamitas ao poder

Se os coptas, vítimas de descriminação e perseguição, temem o que pode suceder ao regime de Mubarak, eles que conhecem bem o país, é razão para temermos com eles e rezar por eles.

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Egypt: Copts in Fear

Coptic Christians Worry About Future Without Mubarak

Many Copts worry that Mr. Mubarak’s exit would leave them dangerously exposed—either by chaos, or to a government that may be more tolerant of Islamist extremists.  (WSJ)

This report says that Coptic Christians are defying Pope Shenouda and participating in demonstrations; on the other hand, however, a source on the ground in Egypt tells me that the news reports are wrong, and that Copts are not participating. Whatever may be the truth of the matter, it is certain that a Muslim Brotherhood state in Egypt would make their situation even worse than it is already.

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