EUA: jihadista assume culpa

Mais um soldado de Alá de raça caucasiana. Mais uma demonstração de que a luta contra o islão não tem nada de racista; trata-se tão somente de resistir a um complexo político-ideológico totalitário que pretende impor-se, pela pregação e pela jihad - sob formas subreptícias ou explicitamente violentas - a todo o mundo.

Nota: o nome que o cidadão escolheu aquando da sua conversão ao islão dá uma ideia do carácter intrinsecamente violento do islão: Saifullah: espada de Alá!

NEW BERN — The man accused of being the ringleader of a local terrorism ring that threatened jihad overseas pleaded guilty this afternoon in federal court.

Daniel Patrick Boyd, 40, who lived in Johnston County, told a judge he was guilty of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorism between Nov. 2006 and July 2009. He also plead guilty to conspiracy to “murder, kidnap, maim and injure people in a foreign country.”

He is scheduled to be sentenced in May. The other nine charges are to be dismissed at that time, according to a plea arrangement that Boyd struck with prosecutors in a case that drew international attention.

Federal agents arrested Boyd, two of his sons and four others on July 27, 2009, and accused them of taking part in a conspiracy to wage “violent jihad” outside the United States.

They accused Boyd of recruiting his co-defendants to help him plot attack of government facilities and kill U.S. military personnel.

In court documents and court hearings, federal prosecutors contend that FBI agents seized nearly two dozen guns and more than 27,000 rounds of ammunition from Boyd’s home.

The indictment accused the defendants of training in military-style tactics and traveling to the Middle East and Kosovo hoping to kill, kidnap and maim as part of holy war.

No other defendants appeared at the hearing in the federal courthouse in New Bern.

Boyd’s two sons – Zakariya and Dylan – have been indicted for conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists; conspiracy to murder, kidnap, maim and injure persons in a foreign country; and firearms violations.

During a 2009 detention hearing, federal authorities played audio tapes of Boyd talking in his home about protecting Muslims at all costs. The tape included long discussions about the struggle of Muslims, the honor of martyrdom and his disgust with the U.S. military.

Daniel “Saifullah” (“Sword of Allah”) Boyd

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