Moral islâmica: casais de noivos podem falar ao telefone, mas não sobre amor

Será que é isto o que queremos para o nosso país, para a Europa? A Arábia Saudita é o reino onde se situam as duas cidades santas do islão, Meca e Medina; um dos títulos honoríficos do monarca reinante é Guardião das Cidades Santas. E o xeque que proferiu este decreto é um clérigo de topo:

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Sharia Alert from the Kingdom of the Two Holy Places: "Engaged couple can chat... but not on love," from Emirates 24/7, February 17
A chief Saudi Islamic scholar authorized engaged couples in the conservative Gulf Kingdom to chat by phone before marriage but warned them of brining up love issues.

Sheikh Abdullah Al Mutlaq, a member of the seven-man Supreme Scholars Committee in Saudi Arabia, said a phone conservation between engaged couples must first be approved by relatives.

"You can chat over the phone before marriage provided you get prior approval by your families," he told Aljazeira newspaper.

"But this conservation becomes forbidden if it includes love issues...you should beware of the Devil's attempts to push you into love talk then to love and other obscene topics.'

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