O Egipto libertou-se de um ditador! E agora?

Liberdade? Ou outra tirania, islâmica ou nacionalista? Ou a mesma, uma vez que a ditadura militar liderada, até ontem, por Mubarak durante 30 anos, já dura desde 1952?

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Now comes a highly dangerous and unstable period for the following issues:

1. The extent of the implementation of Islamic law in the coming months and years. Obviously, the Muslim Brotherhood isn't in the game for just a little Sharia.
2. The rights of non-Muslim religious minorities and the basic physical safety of the Copts, which was deplorable even under Mubarak.
3. The rights of women, and the practice of female genital mutilation, which is widespread in Egypt.
4. New Egyptian foreign policy and a new regime's dealings with Hamas, Iran, Hizballah, Syria, and other jihadist regimes and organizations. Also, its relationship with northern Sudan, bent on its own renewal of Sharia.
5. The peace treaty with Israel.
6. The potential domino effect of uprisings in other Islamic countries.

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