Tunísia: mais sinais de avanço da democracia: bordéis e prostitutas atacados

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"Tunisian prostitutes terrorized by Islamists," from Ennahar Online, February 20:
TUNIS - Tunisia Prostitutes living in fear of another attack since the Islamists tried to burn down the main prostitution district in Tunis. "I no longer go out, I fear they burn me alive", says one of them.

Armed with Molotov cocktails, "small bottles filled with gasoline" and "Long Knives" chanting "Allah Akbar" Islamists have tried to set fire Friday to brothels in the district of Guechi Abdallah in Tunis near the Medina.

Dressed in jeans and leather jackets, according to pictures taken by mobile phones, they were dispersed in the meandering alleys of this neighborhood by police and military.

In the courtyard of a brothel where dry sadly old fluorescent color panties, a dozen prostitutes in fine lines drawn with eyebrow pencil, trying to show "strong" in front of the "Islamist terrorists."

Smoking cigarette after cigarette, Mariam, 35, "owner" of a brothel frequented, according to her, by "the Chinese, Germans, Italians, Algerians, Egyptians, French, Libyans and "others" is still in shock.

"I was terrified," she said, that they wanted to burn us alive, it was too much for me and my colleagues who are my family."

One of the prostitutes, Lamia, a 38 year old blonde, wearing shorts and black wool gaiters, wonders, she said, "why they did that."...

Why, they did it for Allah.

Islamic supremacists always claim the moral high ground against the West. Yet a moral calculus that decries prostitution while justifying mass murder and even regarding it as service to the supreme being is, at best, peculiar. It ought to go without saying that one may oppose and deplore prostitution while leaving the molotov cocktails and threats to burn people alive out of it. But there are a great many things that ought to go without saying nowadays that instead need to be articulated with ever greater force and precision.
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