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Boa ideia!
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Sarah Palin is to leftie comedy in this Teens decade what Margaret Thatcher was to leftie comedy in the Eighties: a target so unimpeachably politically correct you don’t even have to define what it is you dislike about. The very name is enough.
And that’s why I love Sarah Palin so much. Even, if she entered the White House in 2012 and proved the worst president in US history (quite a challenge, given the standards set by her immediate predecessor), even if she – “whoops” – accidentally pressed the red button that nuked North Korea leading to the global conflagration that destroyed most of the planet, even then I still think I would find it in my heart to love and forgive her. Why?
Because of all the many qualities Sarah Palin has, the best of all is this:
She drives liberals totally crazy. So crazy, in fact, that Washington Post libtard Dana Milbank is boycotting Sarah Palin for the month of February and urging other journalists to do the same. But here on Telegraph Blogs we’ve decided to do the opposite. Every day a blogger will mention her.
Welcome to Sarah Palin Month on Telegraph Blogs, everybody. It’s there to celebrate. It’s there to annoy.
Sarah Palin will be with us during February (Photo: Getty)
Sarah Palin will be with us during February (Photo: Getty)
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