Bósnia: violações em grupo

A mulher não tem outro valor senão o de incubadora e amamentadora.

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Bosnian Muslim town of Tuzla is convulsing in a grip of violence and rape after several young females have been ganged raped by multitude of Muslims.

On New Years Eve, a 19 year old student was gang raped by 2 armed men, just a day later after another one was also ganged raped at a gun point. Later, 3 unknown men ganged raped another female after they got hold of her on the streets.

Before these new year rapes, a 25-year old Muslim, Samel Catic, raped a 50-year old woman in the city then stabbed her 15-year old son in the back.

Then, 4 men kidnapped a guy and his girlfriend, then took his girl to the village of Pasci where they ganged raped her.

In Tuzla’s Shi Village area, a 29-year old female was assaulted then raped by a 34 year old man while another Muslim from Montenegro came to Tuzla and raped a married woman.

A 73-year old Tuzla man was arrested after a 13 year old girl delivered a baby that was conceived after the old man raped the child.

Some in the media are accusing Tuzla’s prosecutors for hushing up the incidents while accusing the city’s police commissar, Nedim Mutapcic, of deliberate neglect accusing him of being a drunkard and a gambler citing his frequent drinking bouts at a bar near Madrasa in the city’s center.

Muslim political party, BOSS, has issued a communique in which it says that Tuzla is in the state of lawlessness and that the power of the city is held by organized criminal groups that are victimizing the the public and raping women at random.

The Association of Muslim women of Tuzla and several other groups are planning a “spontaneous” demonstration on the streets of Tuzla against rape.

The protest, titled “I’m Afraid!” is scheduled for Sunday.

Earlier in 2010, 7 Muslim men held an underage female as sexual slave and raped her for days on end. The men brought in an 11-year old boy to show him “how it’s done”.

In 2009, Tuzla’s ”respected” politician and a “businessman” friend had an orgy with a 13-year old girl.

Back in 2007, Tuzla was a scene of a violent gang rape of a 12 year old female by two men who kidnapped the child, captured another female, then proceeded to rape them for hours while recording the orgy on their cell phones.

Bosnia is experiencing a tremendous escalation of all sorts of gruesome violence and criminals are using inventive ways to kill their victims.

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