Suécia: pródromos de uma guerra civil em perspectiva

Leia esta peça de ficção, a qual, a cada dia que passa, parece mais profética:

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Full war in Malmo Sweden

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Malmö: Police targeted in new outbreak of riots

New riots broke out in the Rosengård district of Malmo over the past few days.

Nobody was injured in Monday’s disturbances, but Oscar Persson, photographer for newspaper Kvällsposten, reported that there were a lot of explosions and firecrackers, and that several cars were almost hit. It was chaotic and people fled into building entrance and cross-streets.

Calle Persson, spokesperson for the Skane police says that these can no longer be dismissed as juvenile antics, and that adults are behind the attacks. Around fifteen youth gathered for the third night this week in order to confront the police. Police say that attacks – throwing stones, firecrackers and Molotov cocktails, and setting fire to cars – are aimed at the police.

The police showed up with force. A dozen patrols with dogs were called in and managed to deal with the riots. Some of the gang retreated and disappeared into the streets and buildings, but some remained and the police sent the night searching about a dozen of them. Most were men aged 25-30, none were younger than 17.

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