Stuxnet: obra dos EUA?

Manda a prudência que se desconfie do New York Times; afinal, um jornal que mente e omite tanto em tantas matérias, não merece grande credibilidade.

Mas pode acertar, por coincidência ou por interesse:

Amplify’d from samsonblinded.org

The New York Times published details of the Stuxnet affair which make sense of the story. The US Department of Energy got access to Siemens controllers eventually targeted by Stuxnet when the company asked DoE to investigate troubles with its controllers. The trojan development was authorized by Bush and ordered intensified by Obama.

IDF’s unit 8200, great as it is, by far lacks the capability to develop such sophisticated malware. Israeli role was apparently limited to developing technological scenario: what the trojan must do to damage the motors while remaining undetected.

Instead of breaking all centrifuges at once, the trojan’s developers chose to act slowly. Iranians suspected a trouble and applied to Russia for help after just 10% of the centrifuges were damaged.

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