«Guerra é Paz, Liberdade é Escravidão, Ignorância é Força»

Barry Rubin actualiza o slogan distópico Orwelliano:

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To summarize even more briefly, the issue is admirably presented in George Orwell's novel 1984. His nightmare of the mental (as much as repressive) dictatorship of the future was a place dominated by three slogans:


These are the slogans that, in effect, dominate our world at this moment. What do they mean?

War is peace is the failure to recognize on the part of many (but fewer each day) that this is an era of struggle in which forces within are bashing away with sledgehammers at the foundations of Western civilization and democracy at home.

At the same time, the central issue in much of the world is the struggle of revolutionary Islamists to impose totalitarian dictatorships on dozens of countries and hundreds of millions of people. This includes the notion that those waging war both on the West and on their own people are either friends or easily made to be so by appeasement and flattery.

Freedom is Slavery means that growing government power and regulation, along with the narrowing boundaries of individual freedom, freedom of speech, and other treasured rights, is presented as a positive development that will make life better.

The belief that people cannot be trusted with freedom but must be told what to do for their own good has, camouflaged in many ways, become prevalent. The idea that they are too stupid, greedy, bigoted, and short-sighted has become a powerful belief among Western elites. Ironically, anti-democratic actions have been rationalized in the name of the left, which has historically supposed to have been the champion of the common people but has now become a tool to enhance elite privileges through statism.

Ignorance is Strength is in practice the view of all too many of the very institutions supposed to enlighten the people and safeguard democracy but have become propaganda organs to spread misinformation. It tells people to ignore the evidence of their experience, dispense with the history and traditions of their societies, and to throw away their common sense.

The personnel in large elements of the schools, mass media, culture, and publishing have either consciously decided to use these vehicles to spread their ideology or choose to censor information so that people will only be told what--in the eyes of the gatekeepers--will elevate their consciousness. The goal here is to use the media to fundamentally transform--the split infinitive isn't mine--Western societies through what might be called voter-assisted suicide.

As noted above, these problems are far from universal, yet they are in Europe and North America more widespread today than at any time in living memory.

Your task in 2011 is to try to find ways and act on them that will roll back this plague; to create a wider liberated zone for security, freedom, and knowledge at the end of this year than exists today. Please go to work.
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