Por que é essencial para o Ocidente parar a imigração islâmica

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Why is it so essential for us to keep Muslim immigrants out of Western countries, even if it means--as I think it realistically will--also excluding others by drastically reducing the sheer numbers of newcomers to our countries? I have already pointed to a number of attributes of Islamic faith and culture that make them dangerous to us. Let me rehearse these briefly, and add a few new observations:
  • Unlike any other world religion, Islam has a positive doctrine of conquest as a religious duty. (Those closest analogue I can find is the religious pretext Spanish conquistadors used to attack Aztecs and Incas--proferring their leaders a Bible, then when they refused to venerate it, attacking them. But this was an innovation of 16th century land-pirates, which was not grounded in Catholic doctrine. The Crusades, for all their attendant injustices, were not justified in Church circles by any doctrine of conversion via conquest, but rather as wars of liberation for conquered, occupied Christian lands, and defense of Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land.)
  • Migration is one of the key strategies in this strategy of conquest.
  • Islam demands the political subjugation of all other monotheists, and the extermination or forced conquest of all others.
  • Muslim scriptures and tradition sanction the deceitful embrace of religious tolerance when Muslims are weak (as they were in Mecca, hence the suras that conveniently were "revealed" in that context), which must be replaced by fierce intolerance as they grow stronger (as they were in Medina, hence the suras that handily came down from heaven then). Typically, the only difference between "moderate" and "extremist" Muslims can be traced to the context in which they are living. Those who live in Western lands are religiously enjoined to speak like early Meccans, while those in positions of power are not just permitted but obliged to act like regnant Medinians. What's shocking to our sensibilities in the West is the spectacle of "radical" imams in places like London jumping prematurely from Meccan to Medinian rhetoric. Let us hope they continue to overplay their hand.
  • The Muslim subjugation of women, and the Western death-cult of feminism, combine to give Muslim immigrants a huge reproductive advantage over the natives of almost any country which they inhabit. Even conservative Catholics who reject contraception are unlikely to match the Muslim birth rate, for the simple reason that Christianity views women (like men) as ends in themselves, not means to the reproduction of sons. For evidence of this difference, think of the stark divide between Christian visions of heaven (where sex is of no significance) and Muslim paradise, which is distinctly a billionaire boys' club.
  • Given the radical message of intolerance intrinsic to the Qur'an, which legitimate religious authorities around the world endorse, and the power of terrorism as a tool of "asymmetrical warfare," faithful Muslims in any country will always be just a few Friday sermons away from generating that 1% (or .05%) it takes to cause mayhem among the rest of us. Think, by comparison, of the infinitesimal fragment of pro-life Christians (hundreds of thousands of them marched on Washington yesterday) who endorse, much less use, violence to stop what they consider the mass murder of the unborn--only to be unanimously condemned by every Christian leader of any repute.
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