Egipto reage ao pedido respeito pelos direitos e liberdade religiosa das minorias

As reacções disparatadas - mas completamente compreensíveis do ponto de vista islâmico e da sua permanente incapacidade de autocrítica religiosa e civilizacional - às palavras do Papa, no seu discurso ao corpo diplomático [http://www.zenit.org/article-26938?l=portuguese], eram de prever e não tardaram:

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"Egypt recalls Vatican envoy over pope remarks," from AFP, January 11
Egypt is recalling its Vatican envoy for consultations over remarks by Pope Benedict XVI on Coptic Christians seen as an "interference" in its affairs, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

The action follows "new statements from the Vatican concerning Egypt which are considered by Egypt as unacceptable interference in its internal affairs," the ministry spokesman said in an apparent reference to remarks concerning Copts.

The pontiff has expressed repeatedly his solidarity with the Copts and called on world leaders to protect them in the aftermath of a New Year's Day church bombing that killed 21 people as worshippers emerged from midnight mass in Alexandria. [...]

Egypt's top Muslim cleric, Ahmed al-Tayeb, criticized the pope's call on world leaders to defend the Copts as interference in his country's affairs.

"I disagree with the pope's view, and I ask why did the pope not call for the protection of Muslims when they were subjected to killings in Iraq?" the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, the oldest Islamic seat of learning and Sunni Muslim authority, told a news conference on January 2.

The Vatican immediately rejected the accusation, saying the head of the Roman Catholic Church had shown solidarity with the Coptic community as well as concern for the consequences of the violence for the Christian and Muslim population.

"Therefore we cannot see how the pope's approach to bring everybody to accept non-violence can be considered meddling," Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said....

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