Holanda: coptas na lista de alvos a abater

Como na Alemanha, na Áustria, no Canadá e na Suécia: os cristãos do médio-oriente que procuraram refugiar-se no Ocidente da perseguição de que, nos seus países de origem, são alvo por parte dos seus concidadãos muçulmanos, estão, graças à ingénua passividade e cobarde tolerância das autoridades e dos políticos europeus e norte-americanos, novamente à mercê dos racistas que não podem tolerar que um árabe não seja muçulmano:
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Three Coptic Orthodox churches in the Netherlands feature on an al-Qaeda list of possible bombing targets, say church spokespeople.
The churches in Eindhoven, Utrecht and Amsterdam are named on the website Shumukh al-Islam, along with dozens of other Coptic churches in Egypt and across Europe. The website has called for bomb attacks on the churches during the Coptic Christmas on 7 January.
The al-Qiddisin Church in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, where at least 21 people were killed in a bomb attack on Saturday, also featured on the list.
Jozef Rizkalla, the priest of the Coptic Church in Eindhoven, said “There’s nothing we can do, we can only pray and refer the matter to the police. We will go on with our celebrations.”
I very much hope that the powers-that-won’t take this very seriously. If the attack on the Coptic church in Alexandria wasn’t enough for them, and it won’t be, and the attacks that have already happened to Churches in Europe aren’t enough, and they will be dismissed as the work of kids and vandals and petty thugs, then the published lists of Coptic targets in Canada and elsewhere should be enough. Al Qaeda is, as they say, an inch deep and a mile wide at this point. But the selective murder of soft targets is where a mile wide counts.
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