Bombas contra sinos - muçulmanos contra o Natal

Amplify’d from www.jihadwatch.org

For the Islamic jihadist, Christmas is evil, but mass murder isn't. "Yule ghouls' jingle bombs," from AFP, December 25:

WASHINGTON -- An Islamic extremist has threatened in an audiotaped message to set off bombs in countries celebrating Christmas.

"Your [Christmas] fireworks will act as an alarm for the time of our devices to blow up -- devices that we, not Santa Claus, are going to offer to you as gifts, to turn your night into day and your blood into rivers," said a member of the Shumukh al-Islam forum.

Hours later, a bomb blast wounded six people today during Christmas Mass at a church in the Philippines.

And in northern Nigeria last night, Islamist sect members launched a failed attack on a church during Christmas Eve services.

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