Sondagem Pew: maioria dos muçulmanos concorda com morte dos apóstatas e amputação dos ladrões

E como não? Está no Alcorão, está claríssimo na Suná de Mafoma.
Só mesmo os idealistas ocidentais, turbados de uma cegueira autoinfligida, é que continuam a dizer que o problema não é o islão, mas uma pequena minoria de fanáticos que compreendem mal a mensagem da paz da sua religião; que o muçulmano médio é contra a sharia e outras alarvidades do género:

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Pew Poll: Majority of Muslims supports death for anyone leaving Islam

Pew Poll: Majority of Muslims supports death for anyone leaving Islam. In a new poll by Pew, a majority of Muslims in many of the world’s Islamic countries says they are very much in favor of killing any person who converts from Islam to any other religion. The new poll also exposed mainstream Muslim attitudes regarding other aspects of their life. For instance, the poll found that a majority in the Muslim world are in favor of cutting off hands for theft, stoning people to death for adultery, and insisting that Islam play a major role in politics. This recent Pew poll was conducted over the course of a month and asked Muslims in several countries about what was going on in their heads. Many of the respondents were also questioned face to face.

This disturbing poll likely won’t shock too many people who have already judged Islam to be anything but the "religion of peace." However, the poll is nonetheless extremely useful because it gives a precise, statistical breakdown from Muslim country to Muslim country and is one of the most comprehensive polls to do so in recent memory.

This scary poll is also useful as ammunition for shoving in the faces of the Islam-apologists like everyone in the mainstream media, the Democrats and the ultra-politically correct. This poll refutes soundly the self-deluding lie that Islam is the "religion of peace" and that the Muslim problem on the planet is segregated to a small minority. According to this distressing poll, a solid majority of Muslims in some of the world’s biggest Muslim countries like Nigeria, Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan are fully in favor of going back to a lawless time in the annals of history, an uncivilized time when savagery and murder are not only tolerated but all-out encouraged.

Some of the Islamic countries varied in their degree of vitriolic fanaticism. For instance, Pakistan (those "awesome allies" of the US who are likely helping to hide Bin Laden in the border region) respondents said they would be in favor of legalizing workplace segregation. So all you women out there, if Pakistan had its way, you would be subjected to inferior, second-class citizen conditions (if you still would be allowed to work, that is). As usual, fake women’s groups like the National Organization for Women are silent on heinous poll results like this…probably because none of the respondents in Pakistan were named Sarah Palin or any other prominent, conservative woman. Women’s groups gives a pass to the Islamists at every turn, proving their shameful hypocrisy.

On the issue of certain terrorist groups, the revolting survey responses continue. For example, the terrorist group Hamas (which I’m sure is made up of just a bunch of "misunderstood" freedom fighters) is seen positively by basically half of the population in many Muslim countries. On the question of Al-Qaeda itself, that terrorist group is actually viewed favorably by almost half of all Nigerians!

The question then is, Why? Why are so many Muslims in the Middle East still so radicalized, anti-modern and supporters of barbarity? How can this be? But…but…but…I thought George W. Bush said Islam was "the religion of peace!" You mean that was just politically correct fodder and not the truth? Say it ain’t so!

Here’s the answer: Based on this poll, it’s apparent that the majority of Muslims are still stuck (psychologically and spiritually) in the 9th…no…wait…maybe even the 7th or the 6th century. That would also be the 6th century B.C., not AD. After all, with what a majority of the fanatics supported in the Pew poll, you’d have to go back at least that far to find a broad sample of the world’s population that would actually agree with them.

Modernization is also a monstrous problem in the Islamic world as the poll’s results confirm. Many of the respondents said their countries were undergoing a deadlocked struggle between the modernists (read: slightly less radicalized Muslims) and the total hardcore Muslims or the fundamentalists. The point is that just as many in the Muslim world believe in fanaticism and fundamentalism as those who only claim they want to modernize (read: move away from terror just a little bit). As long as this attitude continues, the Muslim world is a clear and present danger to the West.

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