Canal do Palestinian Media Watch reaberto

Ao que parece, após intensa pressão por diversas vias, o YouTube reverteu a sua decisão de fechar o canal do Palestinian Media Watch.
Boas notícias!
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This is a great way to start the week, the Tundra Tabloids has been notified by PMW that its excellent videos highlighting Palestinian extremism is back on YouTube, many thanks to TT readers who notified YT, and if you can, stop by PMW and drop them a few bucks to help out with their work, they are a badly needed organization. KGS
NOTE: PMW’s Itamar Marcus has this to say:
Thanks to everyone!! This was a great case of public pressure and public opinion working. All of your blogs and the news, op eds, the thousands of emails to You Tube. And those who called people they knew at Google. This morning – the “palwatch” account is back up. Much thanks to everyone.
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