Polícia norueguesa reabre investigação sobre tentativa de homicído do editor de Versículos Satânicos

Dezassete anos depois da tentativa de homicídio do editor da versão norueguesa de Os Versículos Satânicos, de Salman Rushdie, a polícia norueguesa reabre investigação, incentivada pela avultada recompensa oferecida por uma associação de editores.
A vítima foi atingida com três tiros, à porta de sua casa.
Ninguém foi julgado pelo crime.

Também o homicídio do tradutor japonês e o ataque ao tradutor italiano do mesmo livro não deram origem a qualquer julgamento.

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The shooting of Nygaard was one of the first salvos in the violent jihad against the freedom of speech, which has heated up so much since then. "Norway reopens Satanic Verses shooting case," from CBC News, November 27 (thanks to Benedict):

Norwegian police, boosted by a sizable reward, have reopened an investigation into the 1993 attempted assassination of the Norwegian publisher of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses.

William Nygaard, CEO of the Aschehoug publishing house, was shot three times outside his house in Oslo on Oct. 11, 1993. Though seriously injured, he recovered and says he's happy to hear the news.

Nygaard told Aftenposten newspaper that finding his attempted murderer was important "primarily to defend Norwegian values of freedom of expression."

A reward of 500,000 kroner (about $83,000 Cdn) is being jointly offered by Aschehoug and the Norwegian Publishers' Association for any new information that would lead to an arrest. [...]

The reopening of Nygaard's case follows the September publication of Who Shot William Nygaard? by journalist Odd Isungset, who has followed the story for 17 years.

In the book, Isungset outlines details of the case and the suspects as well as the problems that beset the original investigation. Isungset points fingers at a suspect who bought a one-way ticket to Iran in cash the day after the attack.

"This is a really important case -- the only terror attack on Norwegian soil since World War II," Isungset told the Guardian newspaper.

Nygaard wasn't the only person connected with The Satanic Verses who got attacked. In 1991, the Japanese translator of the book, Hitoshi Igarashi, was killed and the Italian translator, Ettore Caprioli was also attacked. No one has been arrested in those cases either....

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