Apresentamos a provável próxima Primeira-Ministra da Suécia

Mais serviço público, informação que não nos chegaria através dos media: «uso indevido de cartões de crédito do governo, avenças de estacionamento por pagar no valor de milhares de euros, mensalidades por pagar no jardim infantil dos filhos, não pagamento da taxa-televisiva, apesar do seu slogan ser "Pague impostos com prazer!"»

Ou seja, tal como nos EUA, no Brasil e também por cá, os governos socialistas estão cheios de transgressores fiscais e outros burlões.

Mona Sahlin: The Next Prime Minister of Sweden?

Swedes go to the polls tomorrow in what may be their most significant general election in thirty years. Sverigedemokraterna — the Sweden Democrats, who are staunch opponents of mass immigration and Islamization — are polling so well that it appears they will send members to Parliament for the first time. Needless to say, the Swedish establishment is doing everything it possibly can to suppress the Sweden Democrats and discourage the electorate from voting for them.
As a sign of the extent to which the elites will go to keep Sverigedemokraterna from gaining any power or influence, the two major parties — the Social Democrats and the “Moderates” (theoretically conservative, but really only slightly less socialist than the Socialists) — have agreed to join forces to prevent the Sweden Democrats from taking part in any government.
Thus is revealed the sump into which modern Swedish politics has fallen: no political differences are significant. Left vs. right; socialist vs. capitalist; state control vs. liberty — who cares? The only important thing is to prevent any upstart party from gaining enough strength to block or — dare we hope for it? — reverse official government policy on mass immigration.
The prime minister of the new government will most likely be Mona Sahlin, known to Swedes as “Mona Muslim”, and to me as “Moaning Mona” due to her being awarded the “F***ing Medal” at Pride Week a few years ago (and no, that’s not a hoax; read the post — it really happened).
Our Danish correspondent Hans Erling Jensen of Eticha has written a brief roundup about Moaning Mona and the Swedish elections on the eve of the voting:
Mona Sahlin by Hans Erling Jensen
Mona Sahlin is the chairman of the Swedish Social Democratic Party and therefore also a candidate for the highest post as prime minister in the current elections, tomorrow, 19th September, 2010.
Mona Sahlin
It is unbelievable that she can stand as a candidate for Sweden’s highest civilian post with her background. In 1995 she was discovered abusing government credit cards, she had unpaid parking fees for thousands of euros, she did not pay the public kindergarten fees for her children’s care, and she failed to pay for a TV license — although her slogan was: “Enjoy paying taxes!” After these cases Mona Sahlin had several exclusive posts. First as minister for small business, then minister for immigration and integration, and last as minister for the environment. She succeeded in showing her infantile incompetence in every matter, and you would have thought she was finished in politics — but no way! Mona Sahlin is the first candidate for prime minister in Sweden’s history who hates her own country! Several times she has expressed a deep contempt and loathing for Swedish culture. At a meeting of the Turkish youth federation Eurotürk in 2002, she said to the Turkish audience: “I think that what makes the Swedes so jealous of immigrant groups is that you have a culture, an identity, a history, something that unites you. And what do we have? We have midsummer and silly things like that.” (The celebration of midsummer is the absolute most prioritized Swedish tradition).
Let us just proceed: “I hate everything that is genuine, typical Swedish.” — Source: Expressen July 26, 2002. And again: “If two equally qualified persons apply for a job in a company with few immigrants, the one who is named Mohammed shall have the job.” — Source: Göteborgs-Posten on 22 October 2000. This person not only is morally extremely frayed, but also demeans and speaks with contempt of all Swedish (and Nordic) culture — and this person may actually become Prime Minister of Sweden! Read more at gatesofvienna.blogspot.com

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