Activistas pró-Palestina estupradas pelos seus protegidos (3)

A propósito de mais notícias de estupros de activistas da causa palestiniana pelos palestinianos cuja causa defendem, falámos de esclavagismo islâmico de cristãos europeus ao longo da história e de como às mulheres era reservado o papel de escravas sexuais.

A propósito da mesma notícia, um leitor do Gates of Vienna, militar norueguês que serviu no Kosovo e no Líbano, relata uma notícia algo semelhante às duas referidas, e conta algumas histórias que ajudam a perceber o modo como no islão a mulher é tratada, e tece algumas considerações:
«(...) When I served with UNIFIL in Lebanon twelve years ago, a friend I had gained among the locals -- a Sunni Muslim -- told me the story of how he had lost his virginity. Together with one of his buddies, he tricked a girl from a different village to drink a soda spiked with drugs. When the drugs took effect, the two of them had their way with her in the back of a van. While I was appalled by this story, he himself was quite proud over how clever and cunning he had been. He considered the whole story amusing.

If they behave like this against their own, then there will hardly be any mercy shown to outsiders. At the time I heard this story, I also heard stories for the first time of how playboys of the Saudi royal family used their diplomatic immunity to bring Western women – party girls, models and callgirls - into Saudi Arabia on their private jets. Once arrived, they became what they where intended to be -- slaves -- and disappeared from the world. I believe Soldier of Fortune magazine has written articles on this subject.

The scale of this enslavement of Western women in the Muslim world is probably much, much larger than just a few isolated cases -- and if so, a very potent weapon for exposing the moral void of both Islam and Marxism at once. (...)»

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