Conformidade com a sharia na Austrália

Uma cidade australiana estipulou normas relativas à indumentária a usar para a utilização da sua piscina pública, em conformidade com os códigos muçulmanos, em atenção à sensibilidade islâmica, para um evento familiar a decorrer durante o mês do Ramadão. Eis o essencial de uma entrada do Australian Islamist Monitor sobre o assunto:
«(...) Can you see how Sharia affects lives of non-Muslims just because our governments have allowed Islam in? (...)

It is enough to recognize Islam as a mainstream religion to have Sharia imposed on us (non-Muslims) or else the Muslims complain that they cannot practise their religion.

Consider the decision made by the Dandenong City Council to ban "naked swimming" during Ramadan.

Equal opportunity for Muslims means LESS equal opportunity for you and this means that the Sharia based rules of dhimmitude are already being implemented in Australia.

And this is how Sharia creeps in. Slowly at first, then it gains momentum and then, before we know it we have to start penalizing non-Muslims for not following rules imposed on us by the Muslim PATH.

Initially such a penalty would involve just an exclusion from the council's pool.

Not a big deal you may say, but what if someone refuses to follow the rules and bares dreadful, naked flesh while inside the pool area.

Would they call security or police to escort the culprit from the pool?

Would they impose a financial fine?

Would they put a re-offending person behind bars if the fines are not paid on time?


No, not anymore.

According to the council's statistics Muslims comprise only 8% of the area's population.

Imagine what will happen when they are 15%, 20% or in the majority.

Remember also that when it comes to implementing the penal code Sharia doesn't require courts and authorities . Any devout Muslim may take justice into his own hands, just as a Muslim community may take justice into their own hands. Wait for it.

The Muslim community is very experienced in playing the game of daawa and implementing the process of Islamization of host countries.

They can always produce a "volunteer" moderate, who will speak to non-Muslims and contradict the "elders" and leaders of Islamic umma.

They are placed in this position to play the "good guy" in order to convince us that Islam is just as any other religion, it has its "extremists" but also many young and moderate members, who just happen to wear hijab by choice (like our Muslim bimbo Sherene Hassan). They want you to think that there is nothing to worry about in Sharia.

Do not be fooled.

If in doubt look at their Islamic credentials and in all cases you will find that they are people who are Islamic nobodies, lightweights, whose attempts to speak for the Islamic community are totally inconsequential, with no value other than to deceive the Kuffar, that is you.

If you wish to learn about Sharia, please visit real Islamic sites dedicated to educate Muslims about their duties to Allah.»

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