O branqueamento do papel das mulheres na história islâmica

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Article Examines Why Muslim Queens Vanished from History
"The Total Count of Female Muslim Rulers… Adds up to Twenty; So Why are Most of Them Missing from Our History Books, Their Very Existence Denied?"
Diehard orthodoxy opposed many of them in their lifetimes but did this opposition pursue them after their deaths to expunge them from memory?"
"The Opposition to Women Holding Public Office Ostensibly Stems From a Single Hadith [Saying of the Prophet Who]… Said, 'A Nation Which Places Its Affairs in the Hands of a Woman Shall Never Prosper'"
Theologians differ in their interpretations of this hadith. Some prohibit women from all public duties; some allow them to hold public office, including that of a judge; and a few even acknowledge their right to be heads of state. Others point out that the Prophet… made this remark after hearing that the Persians had appointed Chosroe’s daughter as their ruler. (The Prophet… had earlier foretold the end of Chosroe’s dynasty after the latter had torn up the letter inviting him to Islam). He was therefore referring specifically to one particular woman, not women in general.
"And yet the most restrictive interpretation of the hadith is cited by those who subscribe to the view that women should be neither seen nor heard, much less hold public office. During [Pakistani military dictator] Ziaul Haq’s benighted tenure, a well-known alim [Islamic scholar] even declared that women should avoid answering the telephone because this would violate their purdah. Such people are trapped in attitudes ingrained by centuries of a culturally inculcated misogyny which has transformed the Koranic injunctions regarding respect for and protection of women into a kind of imprisonment and a license to rule their minds as well as their lives.
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