Decepados ambos os pés a actriz de filme afegão

Note-se que este acto de violência é da mais pura ortodoxia:

Alcorão 5:33: «O castigo para aqueles que lutam contra Deus e contra o Seu Mensageiro e semeiam a corrupção na terra é que sejam mortos, ou crucificados, ou lhes seja decepada a mão e o pé opostos, ou banidos. Tal será, para eles, um aviltamento nesse mundo, e, no outro, sofrerão um severo castigo.»
«LOS ANGELES — Sonia Nassery Cole knew that shooting a movie on location in Afghanistan could get her killed. The most vivid reminder came a few weeks before filming, she said, when militants located her leading actress and cut off both of her feet.
But Ms. Cole, an Afghan expatriate with a flair for the dramatic and a history of not taking no for an answer, had her mind made up. Unable to find another actress to take the part — the film is overtly critical of the Taliban — Ms. Cole, 45, decided to play the role herself.
“Come hell, come shine, I was going to make this movie,” said Ms. Cole, a novice filmmaker whose primary job is running the Afghanistan World Foundation, a charity focused on refugees and women’s rights.
Afghanistan at one point had a bustling film industry, but the Taliban banned motion pictures and closed or destroyed theaters. Activity has returned — Ms. Cole leaned heavily on a local casting director and the Afghan Film Organization, which is organizing the premiere — but the current American-backed government has remained cautious. “The Kite Runner,” for instance, was not released in Afghanistan because of fears that it would inflame ethnic tensions.
Even with the support, making “The Black Tulip” was anything but easy. Days on location sometimes began at 4 a.m. because security was easier to provide with fewer pedestrians around, she said. Before the film wrapped production last fall in Kabul, Ms. Cole survived a bomb blast that shattered the windows of her hotel, machine gun fire and grim telephone threats warning her to go home.
Three senior crew members — her cinematographer, a producer and a set designer — did just that, abandoning Ms. Cole in the middle of production.
“I know I broke her heart,” said Keith Smith, the cinematographer who left. “But I could feel death. I didn’t sign up for that.”
The woman who was to play the role, Zarifa Jahon, now lives with a relative in a remote area of the country, according to Ms. Cole, the local casting director and Latif Ahmadi, head of the Afghan Film Organization.
The only person aside from Ms. Cole who fully understood the danger of the project may have been her son, Chris. Before leaving last fall for Kabul, she gave him a list of instructions to follow if she ran into trouble.
“It said: ‘If I am abducted, do not make a deal to get me released. Let them torture me. Let them kill me,’ ” said Mr. Cole, who left a job in investment banking to help his mother produce the film. “It was horrible to hear that from your mother. But she was insistent.”»
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